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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom: how to trade Poes and all Bargainer’s Statue locations

Despite taking place on the same map, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom isn’t just a direct copy-and-paste of Breath of the Wild. It brings a lot of new content to the formula, from mechanics like Zonai batteries to iconic enemies like Gleooks. It even brings back some notable Zelda staples that were suspiciously absent from its predecessor. Chief among them? Poes.

Poes are one of the Zelda series’ most iconic enemies. These ghosts have appeared in most major Zelda games following A Link to the Past, so it was strange that we never saw them in Breath of the Wild. They make their grand return in Tears of the Kingdom, but they’re not the ghostly enemies you remember from previous games. Rather, they’re a resource that can be used to buy special items. Here’s everything you need to know about Poes, including where to trade them.

What are Poes in Tears of the Kingdom?

When you first dive into Hyrule’s underground area, you’ll probably notice tons of blue-and-white wisps scattered around the surface in patches. Those wisps are Tears of the Kingdom‘s version of Poes. Yes, the classic enemy is now a simple item that you can collect.

Poes sit near a waterfall in The Legend of Zelda: tears of the Kingdom.

While you’ll find tons of basic Poes lying around, the underground also contains some bigger Poes that are worth a bit more. These look the same as regular Poes, but they’re a little larger and have either a red or green tint to them instead of blue. A Large Poe is worth five, while a Grand Poe is worth 20. If you see one in the distance, it’s worth seeking them out.

How to trade Poes in Tears of the Kingdom

So, what is the actual purpose of Poes? They’re essentially the currency of the underground world, and are used to buy a selection of items. Some of those are specific to the underground. You’ll do that at Bargainer’s Statues, which you’ll first discover through a quest on the surface (though you can also stumble into them underground without starting that quest).

Link stands in front of a Bargainer's Statue in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

To get things started, head to Lookout Landing on the surface — it’s the hub town right in front of Hyrule Castle. In the northmost building, you’ll find a stone statue. Talk to it and give it a single Poe. Once you do that, you’ll be able to start trading Poes to statues. The Bargainer’s Statue in Lookout Landing will also tell you the location of other statues for 100 Poes. There are six total in the underground area. They can be a little hard to see, so keep an eye out for a “Pray” prompt when you’re standing on the map marker.

Here’s every Bargainer’s Statue location if you don’t feel like wasting your Poes to reveal their location.

A map of the underground in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom shows the location of every Bargainer's Statue.

Each time you speak to a new Bargainer’s Statue for the first time, you’ll unlock a new piece of gear for their inventory. You’ll be able to get a Dark Link costume, Link’s iconic Breath of the Wild outfit, and a set of gloom-resistant gear that’s essential for exploration.

In addition to that, Bargainer’s Statues also sell Dark Clumps, Muddle Buds, Puffshrooms, and Bomb Flowers. You’ll also be able to rebuy costume pieces and weapons (like the Biggoron’s Sword) obtained in the underground via statues. So make sure to stock up on Poes while exploring. Even if it seems like you have plenty, you’ll always need more.

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