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The best weapons in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Prior to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link’s arsenal of weapons was usually limited to a couple of options. You could count on having a sword, a ranged weapon like a bow, and a handful of other weapons. But since The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom continues with the weapon durability system from that game, Link will be swapping out weapons far more frequently.

Since just about anything can be used as a weapon, even a stick, the power difference between the worst and best weapons is massive. Just as massive, however, is the size of Hyrule this time around. That can make the best, more unique weapons far more difficult to get your hands on. If you’re trying to gear up before taking the fight to Ganon, here are the best weapons and where to find them in Tears of the Kingdom.

Best weapons and where to find them

Link grabbing the Master Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Master Sword

We all knew this would end up on the list. Not only is the Master Sword one of the best weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, but it is arguably the absolute best. The only argument you could make against it would be based on personal taste. Not only is this the sole weapon that can regenerate its durability, but it also keeps its iconic ranged ability from the first Zelda title. So long as you have full hearts, your normal attack will shoot out a beam to attack at range, making this sword a true double threat.

Getting the Master Sword is no easy feat. We have a full guide detailing the process, but in short, you will need to get atop the Light Dragon and dislodge it from its head. This requires you to have at least two full Stamina wheels, so you will need to do some serious upgrading before you are worthy of such a powerful blade.

Savage Lynel Bow/Great Eagle Bow

Bows are great, but once things get hairy, you tend to swap to a melee weapon. With the Savage Lynel Bow, odds are things will never get that bad if you’re a decent shot. The base damage of this bow is 32, which is already great for a bow, but it’s effectively tripled since it fires three arrows per shot. Even when a group notices you, the stopping power and armor-piercing usually gives you plenty of time to pick off your attackers before they get close.

As the name suggests, the Savage Lynel Bow is a drop from the dangerous Lynel enemies you can find in Central Hyrule Depths and in Hyrule Field.

The Great Eagle Bow is similar in many ways, but may suit your playstyle better depending on your preference. It is a little bit weaker, dealing 28 per shot instead of 32, but also shoots three arrows per shot. The main difference is that the Great Eagle Bow has a far higher rate of fire. It is also much easier to get since you don’t have to rely on a rare drop.

This bow can be obtained by doing all the Rito Village quests and giving Teba 3x Diamond, 5x Wood, and a Swallow Bow.

Scimitar of the Seven

Link holding the Scimitar of the Seven.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Scimitars are the iconic weapon of the Gerudo, and this one was Champion Urbosa’s favorite. It is decently strong at the start, with a base attack of 28, but the passive ability of Strong Fusion is where it really shines. If you have some  strong materials, you can create an incredibly powerful sword here.

To unlock the Scimitar of the Seven, you first have to do all the quests in Gerudo Town and then speak to Isha, who can make the blade for you in exchange for 10x Flint, 4x Diamond, and a Gerudo Scimitar.

Boulder Breaker

If you’re more of a big, two-handed weapon fan, then the Boulder Breaker should pique your interest. This Goron weapon is as big, but also slow, as they come. It has an incredible 38 base attack, but cannot be Fused. However, the Demolisher passive ability makes it perfect for smashing through any damaged walls or rocks.

If you want to test your might with this massive club, clear all the Goron City quests and talk to Fugo. It will take 3x Diamond, 5x Flint, and a Cobble Crusher to create the Boulder Breaker.

Lightscale Trident

Link getting the Lightningscale Trident.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Spears are amazing weapons for fast attacks that keep you at a safe distance. The Lighscale Trident is a Zora weapon that has a decent 22 base attack, but that is more than made up for in two ways. First is the rate of attack, but the other is in the Water Warrior passive. If you can get your weapon wet, its attack power will receive a massive boost. If you have Sidon, you can do this whenever you want by creating a water shield.

Like the previous weapons, you will need to do all the quests in Zora’s Domain to be able to get this spear. Once done, bring 3x Diamond, 5x Flint, and a Zora Spear to Rothuri to make one.

Blue Moblin Pounder

This last pick isn’t exactly endgame strong, but it’s easily one of the best weapons you can get early in your adventure in Tears of the Kingdom. This is another two-handed weapon, but a fused one. It will have the attack power of whatever weapon you use to make it, plus 13 more on top of it, which can be very strong in the early hours.

To make a Moblin Pounder, simply combine a two-handed weapon of your choice with a Blue Moblin Horn, which you should have no trouble getting if you aren’t already stocked up on them.

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