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DT Giveaway: Watch your six with Cycliq’s Fly6 bike light and HD camcorder

Cycliq Fly 6 giveaway
It’s finally summer! If you own a bike, that means it’s time to pedal around in the afternoon sunshine, bask in a light afternoon breeze, and try not to die at the hands of an inattentive driver.

Sorry to harsh your endorphin-induced buzz there. But if you’re riding on public streets, some basic countermeasures to make sure you’re not pancaked by an F-150 should really be part of your two-wheeled game plan. Headlights, taillights and a helmet make a nice start, but for the truly tech savvy, an onboard video camera should also be part of your strategy.

No, video of an accident won’t heal your road rash, but it might just help get the license plate of a hit-and-run driver or prove that they were at fault in a court of law. And if you ride with others, you could end up with some other fun footage, like this wince-worthy reminder to wear a helmet:

That footage was shot on Cycliq’s Fly6 (official website), a high-quality, almost obnoxiously bright taillight and HD video camera in one convenient package. We’ve been testing one for weeks, and the illumination you’ll get from this light is really outstanding. These lights normally go for $169, but Digital Trends is giving one away this week, so a lucky winner will take one home for free.

Enter below, good luck, and may you never need the footage!

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  • Contest ends: Sunday, July 5 at 12AM PT
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