Improve your fitness discipline – and ruin your mornings – with Withing’s WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Withings-smart-body-analyzerMost mornings simply walking past a mirror without flinching is hard enough, but with Withings’ WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer health tracking scale (and it’s partner Health Mate app for iPhone or Android) a trip to the bathroom can offer much more than a blank gaze into a familiar pair of bloodshot eyes.

By simply stepping onto the shiny, sleek SBA scale you’ll get not only an accurate body weight, but heart rate, percentage body fat, and more surprisingly, an air quality report including the temperature and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air you’re breathing. And it’s all sent via Bluetooth Smart or WI-FI right back to your smartphone.

The heart rate is measured with Withings “patent-pending heart rate measurement technology.” The body fat percentage is measured with bioelectrical impedance analysis. In other words, a “small electric signal” is run through the body and the result is a measurement of body fat. Withings does, however, point out that due to this current people with pacemakers should not use this scale. For the air quality reading Withings has included sensors that “automatically perform a carbon dioxide and temperature measurement every 30 minutes.”

If only the Smart Body Analyzer heath tracking scale had a built in camera, then we could all wake each morning to the horrifying reality of being both fat and ugly all at once. Then again, using this scale along with a proper exercise program and a healthy diet will likely keep even the most distracted workout heads on the path to proper fitness. And all that for only $149.95.