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MySwing uses 3D motion-capture technology to improve your golf stroke

For an average golfer, feeling the correct swing can be difficult. Even when it feels like every aspect of the movement is correct, there can be subtle flaws that you just can’t feel. MySwing uses 3D motion-capture technology to record exactly how your body moves, and then provides helpful feedback.

In three steps, MySwing promises to improve your golf swing. Its wearable sensors capture every movement wirelessly then sends them to the software. Here, the data is analyzed, providing quantifiable metrics about each swing. Each and every swing is then saved and uploaded to a cloud-based database for easy storage.

Unlike other 3D motion capture systems, MySwing was designed to be quick and easy. A golfer can be suited up, calibrated, and ready to swing in less than ten minutes. To get everything going, the set-up is surprisingly simple. A total of 17 lightweight sensors are placed around the body and one more is placed on the golf club. These capture all the motion data simultaneously and transmit it wirelessly to a Windows computer or tablet PC. The sensors gain enough power from a single charge to last approximately four hours, and they can be recharged in less than an hour.

Capturing a Swing

When the data appears within the software, it is displayed as a 3D model. This model can be tweaked to better reflect the user, making it easier to learn from. Besides the obvious movement of the model, the software records and displays every angle, speed, and velocity within the swing. After a swing is recorded, these data points can be compared to past swings, or to swings of other students or professionals.

MySwing Professional is already available to consumers. To find out more about pricing or a demo, you can contact the firm directly on its website.

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