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Address your neck pain and even insomnia with the Neck Hammock

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It may look like the silliest contraption you’ve ever seen, and you may look like the silliest version of yourself when using it, but what did your mother tell you about judging books? This is one cover that belies the usefulness of what’s underneath. It’s called the Neck Hammock, and if you suffer from neck pain, stiffness, tension headaches, poor posture, and even insomnia, it may just be the most useful piece of therapeutic equipment you own.

In order to treat many of these ailments, physical therapists rely on a technique known as mechanical cervical traction. This method involves a therapist gently pulling a patient’s head away from his or her neck, thereby stretching and relaxing muscles, increasing circulation, and relieving pinched nerves. While it’s widely considered to be effective, it does require visiting a professional (you don’t want just anyone tugging on your head), which can quickly get expensive.

Enter the Neck Hammock, described as a cervical traction unit that promises to be supremely affordable and portable. According to the Hammock team, all you need is ten minutes a day in this device, and you’ll be feeling the difference the next day. In order to use it, secure the Neck Hammock to a door, pole, or railing. Then, place your head in the padded hammock, lay back, and relax. The hammock is easily adjustable, and promises to mold around head contours, so both you and your partner (or any other member of your family) can use it. Plus, it’s small enough to be taken just about anywhere you go.

That said, the Neck Hammock team notes that this device isn’t meant to replace physical therapy or medical massages. While the device is said to achieve many of the same benefits, it’s “meant to be a complement to these therapies, which can be used every day to help relieve pain and protect against future injury.” The contraption is described as ideal for office workers, athletes, laborers, and long-distance drivers. However, if you have any acute cervical injuries, spinal instability, spinal hypermobility, neck tumors, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteomyelitis, you should avoid the Neck Hammock.

You can pre-order the Neck Hammock now from Kickstarter for $59. Delivery is expected in December 2017.

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