Suarez: Uruguayan press says media Photoshopped bite marks as memes hit Web

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You know how it is, you’re going about your day in the usual fashion when suddenly, with lunchtime approaching, you get a major craving for Italian food. Unfortunately for Uruguayan soccer star Luis Suarez, his urge for a quick bite came right in the middle of a World Cup game against Italy. While he was on the pitch.

Apparently mistaking Giorgio Chiellini for a Tuscan lamb chop, starving Suarez sank his pearly whites into the Italian defender’s flesh, or at least, that’s how it looked after watching the incident on TV.


As FIFA debates whether to either ban Suarez for a number of games, send him on a food-recognition course, or clear him altogether of any wrongdoing, a Uruguayan news site, in a bid to defend their best player, has suggested image editing tools may have been used by other news outlets to add a bite mark to a photo of Chiellini’s shoulder.

“There was no single picture to prove there was a bite. Two images were circulating: one, of Chiellini with his shirt up for the referee, appeared to show he had been visited by a vampire. In the other there was nothing. Was it Photoshopped?” El Observador’s report asked [via the Guardian]. The Uruguayan Football Association, too, claims some Photoshop-related shenanigans may have taken place, saying Suarez is being targeted by the Italian and British media.

Speaking of Photoshop, many of Twitter’s expert image manipulators have been quick to post their take on the Suarez chomping affair, with a vast array of lovingly created memes landing on the microblogging site since the player’s apparent dental assault on Tuesday.

Here’s a selection of the best:

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