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The TomTom Sports app is on a mission to get you moving

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Owners of a TomTom fitness tracker will soon be getting a new app to help keep tabs on their activities. The company announced today that is is preparing a new exercise app designed to work in conjunction with its broad line of wearables. Dubbed the TomTom Sports app, the software will reportedly not just be a place to view statistics and workout data, but will also offer insight and motivation to help keep you active over the long term as well.

When designing the new app, TomTom consulted with a number of athletes and fitness experts to determine not only what data they most wanted to see, but also how it should be displayed on their smartphone screens. Those insights proved to be invaluable when creating the new software for use with the company’s devices, as the design is described as being both attractive, easy to navigate, and user friendly. The goal is to deliver an app that athletes want to use on a daily basis.

To that end, TomTom says that the app will offer users not only analysis of their performance and the regular host of raw exercise data, but also insights into activity trends and comparisons of important stats over time too. It will also provide motivational messages to keep you going when things start to get tough, and it will have robust social sharing capabilities so we can all brag to our friends after a particularly great training session. You’ll even be able to track the changes to your body composition and resting heart rate as well.

Designed to be a single repository for all of our fitness data, the TomTom Sports app can track 12 different activities, including running, cycling, and swimming, as well as skiing, trail running, and hiking too. The software will even interface with other popular apps such as Strava, Runkeeper, and MapMyFitness, which helps to make it a fitness hub of sorts. This level of versatility should help it to stand out in a very crowded field of exercise related smartphone apps.

The TomTom Sports app is expected to become available by the end of January for both iOS and Android. The software is compatible with several of the company’s fitness trackers, including the TomTom Spark, TomTom Runner, TomTom Touch, TomTom Adventurer, and the TomTom Multi-sport wearable line.

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