Fitbit announces three new partnerships as part of its 'Works with Fitbit' program

In this modern age, there are plenty of fitness apps, websites, and devices helping to keep us healthy. The problem is that these products don’t always talk to one another, making things more complicated than they should be.

One company working hard to fix this problem is Fitbit. As part of its Works with Fitbit program, the company has partnered with three fitness- and nutrition-focused companies — Habit, Peloton, and VirZOOM. Now, it’s easier than ever for users to achieve their wellness goals with Fitbit.

In order to partner with so many different developers, Fitbit offers an open application programming interface. This gives them flexibility regardless of the platform. Thousands of companies are leveraging the Works with Fitbit program across exercise equipment, gaming, hospitality, nutrition, and wellness.

“Whether you enjoy racing through a virtual reality world as an F1 driver, or you are motivated to pedal your heart out with a group class in the comfort of your own home, the Works with Fitbit program makes it easy for users to enjoy, track, and measure their health and fitness stats all in one spot,” said Tim Rosa, senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Fitbit.

Habit is a web-based service that provides personalized nutrition and food recommendations to improve your health. By combining Fitbit data with your account, the service is even more informed about your dietary needs. Weight, body fat percentage, and calories burned are all incorporated. If you’re trying to lose 10 pounds, but your daily activity isn’t sufficient enough, the service will modify its dietary plan to help you meet that goal.

If you own a Peloton exercise bike, the integration goes the other way. With every ride, the workout summary will automatically sync up with your Fitbit account. This way, all your workout data will be in one convenient place. It will be much easier to have a complete look at your overall health and fitness.

For those who prefer exercising with the VirZOOM VR Bike, the Fitbit partnership works similarly to Peloton. With virtual reality, you can obtain your fitness goals as an F1 driver, while commanding a tank, or riding on the back of a Pegasus.

Fitbit is making it easier than ever to reach your desired level of health and wellness. Thanks to its Works with Fitbit program, you can be sure that many more partnerships are on the way.