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The Zuck plans to run 365 miles this year, and he wants you to do the same

zuckerberg running
For most people, a New Year’s resolution is something to be quietly forgotten usually about five days in, the good intention for betterment gently cast aside yet again for another 12 months. However, for Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg, resolutions are real and possible. And even more remarkably, they get done.

The Zuck’s previous personal commitments have included learning Mandarin, reading two books a month, and eating meat only from animals he kills. He of course succeeded on all three counts, though a number of unsuspecting pigs, goats and chickens had to be eliminated in order to see that last one through.

Considering he’s the man who co-founded – and now runs – the world’s largest social networking site, it’s not all that surprising that Zuckerberg reaches his goals, as he clearly has all the focus and determination of a bull chasing down a matador’s cape.

So, what’s he lining up for 2016? It seems the ambitious Facebook CEO has not one but two ideas up his sleeve for this year, one seemingly more achievable than the other. First, he says he wants “to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work” (just to be clear, that’s the tricky one). And then he says he wants to run a mile a day till the end of the year.

And he wants you to join him.

“I’m going to run 365 miles and I’d love for as many people in this community to join me as possible,” Zuckerberg said in a message posted on Monday.

“We’ll call this year’s challenge A Year of Running. I’ve set up a public group where we can all discuss our running adventures and I’ll post periodically on my progress.”

He acknowledges it’s “a lot of running,” but insists it’s not a “crazy” amount. More than 10,000 people responded to the post, with most keen to join in. Even those sharing news of their recent back surgery/knee replacement/herniated disc (and so on) said they’d love to take part, though added they’ll have to walk rather than run.

Another Facebook user wrote: “I can’t [help] but picture you as Forrest Gump, going on a run by yourself and by the end of having 50 people running with you!”

“That’s a funny image,” Zuckerberg responded, adding, “I bet we can make that happen.” That means it will.

To see how Mark’s progressing with his running challenge and to get some inspiration for your own efforts to keep up, check out his newly created public Facebook group for his year-long adventure here.

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