Anthony Gallo Acoustics shows off new audiophile satellite speakers

Anthony Gallo Micro SE

Anthony Gallo Acoustics, known for high-end speakers of all shapes and sizes, has unveiled yet another set of satellite speakers geared towards audiophiles who might be a little crammed for space.

The latest versions of the Micro SE and A’Diva SE (Special Edition) are small in diameter, measuring 4-inches and 5-inches, respectively, with all-metal spheres that are designed to push out a 3D soundstage effect that sounds good no matter where you happen to be listening from in a room.

Founder Anthony Gallo said it took hundreds of experiments and prototypes over 15 years to enable small, single, full-range drivers to outperform some of the best two or even three-way driver combinations in resolution, transparency and dispersion.

“Since such a transducer did not exist, we knew we would have to create one. So, we got busy trying different combinations of materials and topologies to achieve the perfect flat diaphragm driver for our new Micro/A’Diva Special Edition satellite speakers,” said AGA founder Anthony Gallo.  “Finally, we have created tiny satellite speakers that fit in the palm of your hand that, not only are amazing as desktop/tablet speakers, but in several ways exceed the performance of many stereo and home theater speakers regardless of size or price.”

These new SE speakers are equipped with a flat diaphragm transducer, coupled with a proprietary ultra-wide dispersion that covers a frequency range between 80Hz to 22kHz for the A’Diva SE. The single driver also doesn’t need a crossover, which Gallo says hurts the sound quality. The company’s own Optimized Pulsing Technology and S2 damping-control pods are meant to get rid of all fatiguing colorations, enclosure resonances and distortions.

The company recommends the TR-1D and TR-3D subwoofers as the best to pair with the new satellite speakers, suggesting that it’s conducive to an audiophile-grade desktop, stereo or home theater system.

The Micro SE will sell for $239 each, while the Micro SE Stainless will be slightly more at $279. The A’Diva SE will be $329 each, and $359 for the A’Diva SE Stainless.