Apple expected to launch line of HDTVs in 2012

Bose VideoWave

Analysts are the soothsayers of the business world, so take this news with the appropriate helping of salt grains. Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research informed investors today that he believes Apple will launch a line of HDTVs starting next year, Apple Insider reports. The belief is based on “details culled from a number of developer events he attended,” the site writes.

Chowdhry believes that the new TVs will launch in March 2012, with training sessions to follow that summer at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The product being prepped apparently compares the closest with the Bose VideoWave, a 46-inch set with built-in stereo surround speaker. That’s the only model Bose sells, with an attached cost of $5,200. Chowdhry’s prediction accounts for three Apple televisions, with multiple sizes and price points.

The analyst makes a number of other predictions about the TV, claiming that it will be one-third the thickness of the six-inch VideoWave and that it will come packing 16 speakers, just like the Bose set. The Apple offering is also believed to sport a DSP chip, which is “a brand new chip based on Apple’s acquisition of PA Semi,” Chowdhry writes.

Take none of this as fact of course, though signs are pointing more and more toward Apple eventually releasing some kind of TV-like device. The tech specifications will probably surprise us in a few ways, but the big question at this point is “when?” Do you think March 2012 is an accurate estimation?