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Beats partners with Emma Chamberlain to debut Studio Buds+ in pink and silver metallic

Beats Studio Buds+ in new Cosmic Pink.

When Beats launched the Studio Buds+ earlier this year, a lot of folks got pretty jazzed by the transparent color option for the noise-canceling wireless earbuds. Today, the Apple-owned audio brand has announced two new colors for the Studio Buds+: Cosmic Silver and Cosmic Pink, a pair of metallic finishes that are a departure from the more earth-toned colors that Beats has been using lately. Both colors will be available starting September 7 at and Apple stores, as well as at Target. Cosmic Silver will also be available on Amazon, or at Walmart and Best Buy.

Beats Studio Buds+ in new Cosmic Silver.

The new colors are clearly aimed at buyers who place as much emphasis on fashion as they do on audio quality (OK, maybe a bit more emphasis on fashion), as evidenced by the two partnerships Beats has created for the launch of the cosmic metallic tones.

The first is with the cosmetics brand Olive & June, which is known for its line of nail accessories and polishes. The company will release polishes and press-ons that match the two new Beats colors. These will be available starting September 6 on

The second is an ad campaign featuring Emma Chamberlain, a highly influential YouTuber who is no stranger to the fashion world, having previously partnered with Calvin Klein, Hollister, Luis Vuitton, and Lancôme. The futuristic ads will feature Chamberlain wearing the new Studio Buds+ colors along with matching outfits and makeup.

Beats Studio Buds+ in new metallic colors with matching hues from Olive and Junes.

This kind of collaboration has become a hallmark of the Beats brand. The company has created many high-profile partnerships over the years for new colors and special editions of its products, such as a Kim Kardashian-inspired set of Beats Fit Pro hues and pacts with fashion brands like Ambush and Stüssy.

Beats’ latest product release was in July 2023, when it introduced is Beats Studio Pro flagship noise-canceling over-ear wireless headphones.

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