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The best place to buy AirPods online

So, you’ve decided that Apple AirPods are for you. You’ve checked out our Apple AirPods review, consulted our Apple AirPods Pro review and even taken a look at the new Apple AirPods Max, and now you know one of these is definitely the audio device for you.

Next step is knowing where the best place to buy AirPods is. While you can go straight to the source and snap a pair up at Apple direct, there are other retailers to consider too when trying to find the best AirPods deals and service possible. Read on while we take you through all the best options.

Buy from third-party partners


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Amazon is the first choice for many purchases for good reason and that trend continues with AirPods. There’s rarely a week where Amazon doesn’t have AirPods on offer with some chunky discounts often available. Those deals improve even further when you look around the holidays or during specific sales events meaning Amazon is the perfect place to head to for new AirPods.

As well as that, large stock supplies and fast delivery means you can enjoy your AirPods quickly further encouraging you to head to Amazon. Extensive search tools mean you can find the right earbuds for you too with it simple to compare different types depending on your needs. Just be aware that customer reviews can be unreliable but this is less of an issue when you’ve already checked out our reviews.

Best Buy

Much like Amazon, there’s rarely a day where Best Buy hasn’t discounted at least one model of AirPods. Even better, thanks to being a brick-and-mortar shop, you can often collect your purchase within an hour providing you have a Best Buy store nearby. Otherwise, two-day shipping means you won’t have long to wait anyhow.

Best Buy even stocks some refurbished and renewed models so if you’re on a tight budget, you can still enjoy the best that Apple has to offer for less. There are AirPod packages available too if you want to buy a bundle deal including chargers, cases, and more, all for a reduced price.


Another store that means you can order online yet pick up today from your local store, Walmart has fewer discounts than the likes of Amazon and Best Buy but it’s super convenient. You can still enjoy some discounts. Just bear in mind they’re not always as impressive as the aforementioned retailers. Also look out for items that are being sold via Walmart by other companies as this can make delivery slower.

Still, as an alternative option, Walmart is dependable and you can enjoy a modest discount, even if it’s rarely impressive outside of sales season.


Adorama’s strength is in its extensive rebate deals which means you can generally save a fair chunk on AirPods providing you’re fine to wait for a rebate. A reward points scheme is available too and there are financing options so you can spread the cost over six months if you prefer.

For older AirPods, you can also opt to buy them in an open box form which basically means they’ve been owned before. It’s a good way to save plenty of cash though and who really needs the box anyhow?

B&H Photo Video

B&H Photo Video warns of limited stock on its AirPods but if you grab them in time, you’re often guaranteed a pretty good discount. Used options are also available if you want to save even more on your purchase, although don’t expect to see preowned AirPods Max here.

Instead, financing can make the AirPods Max a more affordable offer here as you can spread the cost. That’s where B&H Photo Video feels at its most useful — it offers plenty of flexibility.

Buy from the manufacturer

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Go direct to Apple and you won’t benefit from any discount on any form of Apple AirPods but there are some advantages. Namely, you won’t have to browse through numerous related items to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Perhaps best of all, however, is the ability to engrave your AirPods entirely for free making them feel far more like yours than just any old AirPods. While you’ll never see any discounts direct at the source, Apple can’t really be beaten on customer service either.

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