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Just like meth, your first taste of Better Call Saul is free

AMC is coming to Sling TV, but it ain’t there just yet. And the network’s newest show, Better Call Saul, is apparently the shiz. So, what’s a stalwart anti-cableist to do? Luckily, there’s a way to grab the new show online through other means. And just like crack, the first taste is free.

Available on both iTunes, and Amazon, the first episode of the much-hyped spin-off from Breaking Bad, which stars Bob Odenkirk’s unforgettably charismatic shyster lawyer, Saul Goodman, can now be watched free of charge.

The catch? The twin episode that accompanied the show’s two-night premiere calls for cash money to the tune of $3 for the HD version at both locales. But hey, one is better than none.

For those uninitiated, Better Call Saul is a prequel to the legendary drama about a blue meth-cooking kingpin, Breaking Bad, but digs much deeper into the very makeup of the human psyche. While Saul’s first two episodes don’t initially dig as deeply as its predecessor’s Shakespearean roots, the show appears to have the potential to help fill that cavernous hole left by Cranston and the gang. Viewers must agree, as the show has garnered the record as the highest rated (in terms of viewer count) to debut on cable — ever.

The new show focuses on Saul’s early days, before he became the “Tom Hagen” to Walter White’s Vito Corleone. Saul (whose real name is James McGill) is just starting to cut his teeth in the game he’ll one day dominate: the art of dirty lawyering. We get to meet familiar characters from Breaking Bad, like Mike (Johnathan Banks) and Tuco (Raymond Cruz), and meet brand new players as well.

So, what are you waiting for? One more TV addiction can’t hurt, right? And you can’t argue with free.

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