Crystal Acoustics’ Cuby 7 bounces sound off the walls for 3D effect

Crystal Acoustics isn’t a big name in the United States, but from what we heard in its booth at IFA 2014 today, perhaps it should be.

The Cuby 7 is one powerful music maker, armed with a 6.5-inch woofer, two .75-inch tweeters and four 2-inch midrange drivers mated to a powerful class-D amplifier. The midrange drivers are arranged such that two fire upward, and one each flanks the speaker on the side, firing to the left and right. The result is reflected sound that bounces around you.

What impressed us most about the speaker, aside from its wide array of connection options and wireless streaming capabilities, was how good it sounded. The treble and upper mid-range were vibrant, detailed and assertive, but never shout-y or brash. In fact, the entire sound spectrum was energetic and full of force. The speaker really did take us by surprise.

Also impressive was the Teevy 7, a sound stand-style speaker made to sit below a TV. It too bounced sound off the walls in multiple directions, imparting a sort of surround effect, and came off with as much bravado as its cube-shaped cousin.

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