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Not 65? Dish’s senior deal may still save you $165

Man watching NFL on Dish.

Your first gray hairs and wrinkles likely started way before 65, and with Dish so can your senior discounts. Dish is a satellite-based TV service that serves all parts of the country, even places where traditional cable and internet providers might not have the infrastructure for. And, if you’re a mere 55, you can get access to Dish’s “55 and Older Deal”. It’s a deal that provides free content of your choosing at the beginning of every month, perfect for those days of extra relaxing that you’ve earned with time. This deal represents a $165 value, yours free if you sign up with Dish via the button below. Keep reading for more details and why you should get Dish.

Why you should get Dish at 55+

In general, Dish is very convenient for the quiet lifestyle. If you’re migrating to lower cost parts of the country to plan for a cheaper, more fulfilling retirement, you might find that infrastructure for services you’re used to isn’t quite the same. Dish changes that quite a bit, due to their satellite-based service that works everywhere equally. All you need is a roof and the ability to point at the sky. Plus, Dish has some perks that you wouldn’t normally realize. With Dish, for example, you can catch every NFL game — even those out-of-market ones that other services miss — and with your extra time, you might be able to actually catch them. If you’re hosting Christmas with the grandkids, Dish Christmas movies will be an entertainment lifesaver.

And speaking of movies, that’s where the perks come in. With the “55 and Older Deal” you get a free on demand movie rental each month. They have over 80,000 choices, including ~20,000 of the latest movies and Hollywood classics. And with Dish you can get these movies anywhere, whether there’s cable internet or not. That means streaming movies, at home, without buffering your way through the intro due to slow dialup speeds.

So, if you’re ready to make the switch to Dish and get your 55+ bonus, which is a $165 value, simply tap the button below. You’ll also get a locked in price for two years, meaning that at least one thing in your life won’t suffer from inflation.

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