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How to clean your Amazon Echo Buds

Wireless is the name of the game when it comes to modern technology, and true wireless earbuds are now entrenched in today’s mainstream market. However, while Apple has long reigned supreme with the AirPods, competitors have begun to cut into the company’s market share, including Amazon with its newly-minted Echo Buds.

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As is typical of Amazon, the earbuds aim to give you as much bang for your buck. With effective noise reduction, solid sound, Alexa integration, and a portable charging case, the Echo Buds offer the same features as other true wireless earbuds for a lesser price tag.

A cool$130 is still no small investment, though, meaning you’ll naturally want to take good care of your Echo Buds. That being the case, here’s how to clean them effectively without causing any damage.

How to clean your Echo Buds

Step 1: Disconnect the earbuds from Bluetooth.

To do so, navigate to the “Settings” menu on your phone and turn off Bluetooth. In iOS 13, Bluetooth is listed on the main page when you open up “Settings.” Tap “Bluetooth,” then toggle the slider in the upper-right corner. In Android 10, open “Settings,” tap “Connected Devices,” select “Connection Preferences,” and tap “Bluetooth.” Then, slide the toggle to deactivate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Using a soft, dry cloth, rub away the gunk and dirt that you wish to remove.

If you must, you may slightly dampen a cotton ball to remove tougher stains or bits of dirt but don’t fully soak the cotton — water can be very damaging to your Echo Buds.

Step 3: Clean the speaker with a separate, completely dry cotton swab.

Step 4: Let the earbuds completely dry before inserting them in your ears or in the charging case.

How to clean the ear tips and fins of your Echo Buds

Step 1: If any water has accumulated inside the ear tip, tap them lightly on a soft, dry, lint-free cloth with the ear tip opening facing downward to remove.

Step 2: Pull the ear tips and fins off each Echo Bud and rinse each with water. Do not use soap or other household cleaners on the ear tips or ear fins.

Step 3: Wipe each ear tip and fin with a soft, dry, lint-free cloth. Before you re-attach the ear tips or fins to your Echo Buds, you should wait for them to completely dry.

Step 4: Click the ear tips and fins back on each Echo Bud.

That’s it! Your Echo Buds should be nice and clean. Remember, dirt and other grime can be damaging to your Echo Buds, so remember to do this every couple of weeks.

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