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Store movies on your projector — the JmGO View has a secret stash

Projectors tend to demand external devices to work: Hook up a USB-storage device and have at it. But ditch the portable hard-drive, laptop, and high-end smartphone, JmGO is about to launch a new projector with built-in storage.

The JmGO View is the third projector from the Chinese manufacturer, and it will make its first public showing at CES 2016 in Las Vegas. It will be the company’s first steps towards entering Western markets.

The hardware specifications for this sleek Frisbee-shaped device are more than you might expect from an all-in-one projector. First and foremost, you’ll find 16GB of internal storage, eight built in while the remaining eight come from an included card — likely CompactFlash. Powering the unit is Android 4.4 (why not 5 or 6, JmGO?), a WVGA-capable DLP chipset from Texas Instruments, and 1GB of RAM. It features a 1,280 × 720 pixel resolution and supports 3D video. The display can reach up to 180 inches with a contrast of 1,000:1 and 250 lumens of brightness, according to Android Authority.

While none of the images in this article are of the real thing, according to the manufacturer the device will look much the earlier JmGO G1 and G1S shown here. It will feature a cylindrical shape with an aluminium alloy body. A power button sits on top of the device, and you will be able to control it either with the help of an included remote control or by using an official app via Wi-Fi.

Assuming the hardware specifications live up to their promises, it looks like a rather high-quality unit relative to its size. Instead of carrying both an external hard-drive and a projector along on your vacation, you can load the files over to the JmGO View and open up for more space in your luggage.

While no official word has arrived on a price tag, previous versions cost between $550 and $600. The project will launch on Indiegogo come February 1, 2016. But before we get to see the real thing, here’s a Chinese commercial for the JmGO G1.

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