Lexicon Displays Flagship RV-8 A/V Receiver

From the press release:

The RV-8 Receiver — Separates in an Integrated Package
The RV-8 has an integrated seven-channel power amplifier that is designed to achieve high power levels and unprecedented performance. Equipped with an enormous toroidal power transformer, the amplifier also includes thermal and DC protection. The AM/FM stereo tuner allows for the automatic or manual storing of up to 40 preset stations, and is fully configurable for ease of operation.

Featuring an expandable design for future upgrades when available, the RV-8’s rear panel has two RS-232 connectors; one capable of performing configuration downloads and flash memory software upgrades and the other capable of supporting possible future product enhancements. The rear panel also includes a removable access panel to accommodate new connectors, should Lexicon decide to offer them.

Further extending its capabilities, the RV-8 offers the latest version of Lexicon’s critically acclaimed LOGIC7® decoding, which creates a 7.1-channel output signal from stereo, 5.1- and 6.1-channel sources. Unlike other decoders, LOGIC7 decoding is compatible with all input sources and requires no special encoding. LOGIC7’s functional ingenuity is instantly recognizable, which has led to its regard as the consummate surround decoder. A LOGIC7-encoded downmix of multi-channel source material is also available when using the Headphone listening modes. If a stereo source is present, the HEADPHONE L7 listening mode processes it using LOGIC7, then uses Head Related Transfer Functions to create a headphone output that introduces a subtle sense of surround sound, while preserving the original stereo image.

In addition to LOGIC7, the RV-8 offers a host of today’s most popular audio and video playback formats with support for Dolby® Digital Surround EX, Dolby Pro Logic® II, DTS 96/24, DTS-ES, DTS neo:6, THX® Ultra2, and THX Surround EX® decoding.

With two Hammerheadâ„¢ Digital Signal Processing (DSP) engines, the RV-8 boasts enormous processing power. These powerful processors perform custom Lexicon processing such as LOGIC7 decoding, bass enhancement, dialog enhancement, auto azimuth, five-speaker enhancement, bass management, high-precision digital crossovers, and audio controls. These features are available at sample rates up to 96 kHz, with 24-bit resolution to retain top performance from all sources. In addition, a third DSP engine is dedicated to decoding multi-channel compressed audio sources.

The RV-8 is one of the most advanced audio and video control centers available. High-precision 24-bit/96 kHz A/D converters can be used to convert stereo analog audio input signals to digital signals, allowing the RV-8 to realize the advantages of exceptional digital signal processing without sacrificing signal integrity. 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters are utilized for all output channels. Alternatively, 5.1-channel and stereo analog signals can bypass A/D conversion and internal processing, allowing a pure analog signal path from input to output.

Digital audio input signals are processed through a two-stage phase lock loop for extremely low intrinsic jitter and high jitter rejection. Lexicon’s proprietary Auto Azimuth Technology corrects timing and level imbalances in stereo sources, ensuring exceptionally accurate playback of surround-encoded sources. A digital audio pass-through output is available for recording digital signals with a CD recorder or similar component.

The RV-8 — Technologically Advanced Video Conversion
Complementing its audio performance, the RV-8 features two broadcast-quality video switchers. A wide-bandwidth component video switcher accepts analog component or RGB High Definition TV (HDTV), Enhanced Definition TV (EDTV), and Standard Definition TV (SDTV) video signals, while a composite and S-video switcher accepts high-quality SDTV video signals. Composite and S-video inputs can be converted to SDTV component video output. Both switchers are designed to pass video signals without alteration or degradation.

Built to the highest standards, the Lexicon RV-8 Receiver has a lengthy feature set that includes:

• 8 channels
• 8 configurable inputs
• 3 independent zones
• Integrated 7-channel amplifier with thermal/DC protection and toroidal power transformer
• AM/FM stereo radio tuner
• Phono input with 2-channel analog bypass path
• Up to two 5.1-channel analog audio input connections
• Analog bypass option for 5.1 analog and stereo audio inputs
• Auto switching between digital and analog audio inputs
• Headphone output with LOGIC7 processing
• Two 32-bit DSP engines for custom processing
• Separate DSP engine for decoding compressed audio sources
• 4 coaxial and 4 S/PDIF optical (Toslink) digital audio inputs
• 1 coaxial and 1 S/PDIF optical (Toslink) digital audio output connectors
• 24-bit/192 kHz D/A converters for all audio channels
• 2 sets of analog A/V Zone 2 outputs; 1 fixed, 1 variable
• 1 set of analog audio Zone 3 outputs, variable level
• Broadcast-quality video switching
• Video up conversion from S-video/composite input to component video output
• 3 component video inputs with full HDTV compatibility
• 5 composite video inputs
• 5 S-video inputs
• 1 component video output
• 4 S-video output connectors
• 5 composite video output connectors
• LOGIC7 decoding
• Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Pro Logic II, and Dolby Pro Logic decoding
• DTS 96/24, DTS-ES (discrete and matrix), and DTS neo:6 decoding
• THX Ultra2 and THX Surround EX decoding
• THX Ultra2 certification
• Flash memory software upgrade capabilities
• 2 internal expansion slots for possible future developments
• RS-232 control
• Rear-panel IR input connector
• 2 trigger output connectors
• Optional 19-inch rack-mount kit
• IR pre-programmed/learning remote control with LCD display

The Lexicon RV-8 Receiver comes with a three-year warranty and joins Lexicon’s renowned line of home theater products, which includes: the MC-12, MC-8 and MC-4 Digital Controllers; RT-10 Universal DVD/SACD Disc Player; and LX and CX Multi-channel Power Amplifiers. The RV-8 is available now at a U.S. MSRP of $6995.

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