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Here’s what LG’s 2020 TVs will cost when they go on sale later this year

LG’s 2020 TV lineup is here, as well as a slew of new technologies … well, almost. The company announced earlier this month that it will start releasing its roster of new models in both South Korea and the United States. Europe and other regions will soon follow, LG said.

Among these new OLED models are the GX Gallery Series, LG’s OLED ZX 8K models, and its CX and BX 4K models. Models supporting 8K television will feature an Alpha 9 Gen 3 A.I. Processor, the company’s third-generation processor, which is designed to “heighten viewers’ sense of immersion.” Other new features pertain to movies, sports, gaming and other types of content — and ATSC 3.0, or NextGen TV, a new standard for over-the-air television supporting 4K streams that will roll out across the country later this year.

The company also said the 2020 line of TVs will feature the latest HDMI specifications, and its 8K models will be able to play native 8K content from both HDMI and USB digital inputs.

Gallery GX Series

LG 2020 GX Series OLED TV
  • 55-inch arriving in April for $2,500
  • 65-inch arriving in April for $3,500
  • 77-inch arriving in April for $6,000

The GX Series is LG’s answer to  Samsung’s The Frame — with a unique twist. The GX Series is designed to mount flush to a wall just like a piece of art, and it utilizes OLED panel technology that doesn’t require a backlight to make that happen. With that tech, the 65-inch model is less than an inch thick (0.79 inches, to be more precise) and there’s no need for an additional control box.

ZX Real 8K Series

2020 LG ZX Series OLED TV
  • 77-inch arriving in May for $20,000
  • 88-inch arriving in May for $30,000

In its press release on the new TVs, LG kept relatively quiet about its 8K models. The company disclosed only that these models meet the industry definition for 8K Ultra HD TVs as defined by the Consumer Technology Association, which LG says makes them among the first 8K models capable of using the CTA 8K Ultra HD logo.

CX Series

2020 LG CX Series OLED TV
  • 48-inch arriving in June for $1,500
  • 55-inch arriving in March for $1,800
  • 65-inch arriving in April for $2,800
  • 75-inch arriving in May for $5,000

The CX Series will be one of two OLED 4K series for LG this year, alongside the BX Series. Details were once again sparse for this series, but LG did say a new size will be made available later this year in the form of a 48-inch CX OLED display.

BX Series

2020 LG BX Series OLED TV
  • 55-inch arriving in May for $1,500
  • 65-inch arriving in May for $2,300
  • 75-inch price and delivery TBD

The BX Series is just as limited on details, with LG simply saying the BX and CX series will each be “delivering the outstanding picture quality that LG OLED is known for.”

NanoCell TV 8K Series

2020 LG Nano9 Series 8K TV
  • 65-inch arriving in June for $3,499
  • 75-inch arriving in May for $4,999

The Nano99 8K models won’t have OLED displays, but LG says they will carry the CTA 8K UHD logo just like the 8K versions. An interesting aspect of the Nano99 series is its processor, an Alpha 9 Gen 3 A.I. Processor 8K. It’s the same one used in LG’s 2020 OLED TVs, which LG said uses deep-learning technology to provide an ideal 8K viewing experience.

NanoCell TV 4K Series

LG Nano90 Series

LG Nanocell 90 4K TV
  • 86-inch available now for $3,299
  • 75-inch arriving in May for $2,499
  • 65-inch arriving in May for $1,499
  • 55 -inch arriving in April for $1,049

LG Nano85 Series

  • 75-inch arriving in September, price TBA
  • 65-inch arriving in April for $1,199
  • 55-inch arriving in May for $849
  • 49-inch available now for $649

LG Nano 81 Series

LG NanoCell 81 Seri
  • 65-inch arriving in April for $899
  • 55-inch arriving in May for $599

Enter ATSC 3.0

The final interesting nugget from LG’s lineup is support for ATSC 3.0, or NextGen TV.  It’s a massive overhaul for antenna-based TV, also known as over-the-air (OTA) TV. While you wouldn’t buy a new television solely to get these higher definition signals, it’s nice to know that your investment in a fancy TV should be as future-proofed as possible. According to LG, six 2020  OLED models will wear the CTA’s NextGen TV: the 55-, 65- and 77-inch class GX Gallery Series 4K Ultra HD models, the 65-inch class WX Wallpaper 4K model and 77- and 88-inch class ZX Real 8K models.

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