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The LG C4 OLED TV has a $700 discount during 4th of July sales

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It’s tough to find markdowns on some of the highest reviewed TVs, to the point where we’re often scrounging for TV deals on last year’s models. But if you’re the kind of person who needs your hardware to belong to the current calendar year (we don’t blame you), we dug up a fantastic LG discount. As part of the brand’s 4th of July TV sales, you’ll be able to purchase the LG 77-inch C4 OLED for only $3,000. We say “only” because this TV usually costs $3,700, so you’ll be able to pocket $700. Put it toward a new soundbar or stereo.

Why you should buy the LG 77-inch C4 OLED

When it comes to colors, contrast, black levels, and even peak brightness, LG OLEDs consistently rank as some of the best big TVs you can buy. In the case of the 77-inch C4, you’ll be working with a 4K panel that delivers a max refresh rate of 144Hz. And the best part about OLED: each individual pixel is self-emissive. This means that when there’s no picture info to display, a pixel can literally be turned off; unlike a traditional LED-LCD TV, which simply dims the pixel as much as possible.

This translates to an ultra-colorful picture that’s packed with detail. OLEDs are incredibly accurate TVs too, and as part of LG’s Dolby Vision compatibility, the C4 now supports Filmmaker Mode. As the title would imply, this is a picture preset that automatically calibrates the image to deliver visuals the creator of the movie or show you’re watching intended for audiences to see. 

As far as connections go, all four HDMI ports are 2.1 certified too. This is exactly what every console and PC gamer wants to see, as the 2.1 standard is particularly good at getting rid of input lag and ghosting. The C4 also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC, AMD FreeSync Premium, and VRR, ensuring you’ll get the best performance from your PlayStation 5 or Alienware desktop. 

OLED TV deals are often worth getting excited about, and LG’s amazing $700 markdown on the LG 77-inch C4 OLED is certainly no exception!

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