LG unveils 4K/Ultra HD streaming technology at Mobile World Congress 2013

lg-4kMobile gamers might want to pay attention to the 4K/Ultra HD streaming technology being demonstrated by LG this week at MWC 2013. It has the potential to alter the way mobile phones and tablets will be used in the future to make the gaming experience that much more fun and immersive at home. LG’s system is designed to work with Miracast’s peer-to-peer wireless screening technology via Wi-Fi to transmit what you are viewing on your mobile device directly to LG’s high-resolution TVs.

Designed for Android-based devices, LG’s 4K/Ultra HD streaming tech reportedly upscales 1080p content to 4K. At first glance, the results look promising with the gaming content that was being demonstrated. How this will translate to 4K/Ultra HD movie content is unknown at this point, but it certainly opens the door for consumers who will want to stream Ultra HD content to their $20,000 (cough) Ultra HDTVs in the future. 

LG’s 84LM9600 84 -inch  4K/Ultra HDTV is currently on sale. The company claims to have sold more than 300 sets already which, considering the price tag and , is fairly impressive. Digital Trends’ A/V Editor Caleb Dension already had the opportunity to spend some “quality” time with the LG 84LM9600 and came away duly impressed. LG hasn’t provided any additional information in regard to the availability of the Ultra HD streaming technology, but it appears to be just over the horizon.