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Netflix raises the stakes, plans to launch 20 original series per year

netflix reveals orange is the new black wet hot american summer premiere dates
Orange is the New Black
Netflix won’t be resting on its laurels with successes like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. The video streaming service plans to keep the momentum going…and going…with an anticipated 20 original series (or so) launched each year, reports Variety.

Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer of Netflix, says the plan is to offer enough variety to appeal to a wide audience, and diverse tastes. The idea is to ensure that Netflix remains known for that red and white brand – not just the home of HOC or OINTB or whatever the hot program du jour is. The company wants to produce a steady stream of great programming that will appeal to many.

That’s an ambitious goal, even for a company as historically successful with original content as Netflix. And particularly so when you consider that when it comes to regular network TV, only a small percentage of the shows thrown at viewers actually survive, and an even smaller percentage actually pull in high enough ratings to warrant remaining on television past a few seasons.

With so many series landing with an entire season in one shot, viewers really need to be into a program to want to watch it, and they need to be willing to carve out the time to do so – binge-watching is, of course, the typical method. That said, the model does make it possible for a viewer to binge watch or take it slow with one episode per week, day, month, or whatever schedule fits best. And because the content isn’t reliant on advertising, just a standard monthly subscription fee for access to the service, the idea of a show being “successful” is drastically different than what determines success on regular network TV. Still, it will be interesting to see if Netflix can keep its wide range of content from over-saturating the site, and keep its shows from getting lost in the shuffle.

Netflix is (apparently) in a position now that gives it freedom to try 20 new shows per year if it wishes. And with competitors like Amazon and Hulu working hard on their own original series as well, it’ll keep Netflix on its toes, and hopefully help ensure that a majority of the shows offered are worthy of some time in the spotlight at the top of your cue.

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