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NFL Sunday Ticket student plans are just $109 a season

NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV.
Google / Google

As promised, Google has released details about NFL Sunday Ticket student plans. And the savings are pretty massive. If you’re a student at a college or university, are at least 18 years old, and can verify all that via SheerID, you can get NFL Sunday Ticket for just $109 for the season.

That’s about one-third the price of the non-scholarly folks out there. (On the other hand, we don’t have to share dorm rooms anymore.)

The student plan does come with a few strings attached. First is that you’ll have to pass that verification process. Second is that you have to pay the whole $109 upfront. Unlike the regular NFL Sunday Ticket price, there’s no option to pay in monthly installments.

The biggest caveat, however, is that you’ll be doing all this through YouTube Primetime Channels (as in YouTube proper), and not through YouTube TV, which also carries NFL Sunday Ticket as an option.

The next biggest caveat is that students will be limited to a single stream. So you can’t watch on more than one device at a time. That’s by design, as the student plan “is intended for individual students,” Google says.

The student plan also is a one-time purchase, so you won’t be able to forget about it on that freshly obtained college-level credit card you probably shouldn’t have gotten in the commons, only to see a surprise charge next year. So that’s probably a good thing.

Otherwise, you’re looking at the same NFL Sunday Ticket as everyone else. All the Sunday games (thus the name), every week, starting September 10 and running through the regular season. (Playoff games aren’t included, but they’re also available on all the broadcast networks. So no gatekeeping.)

You’ll still also be subject to any blackout rules, though chances are if that’s actually a problem, you’ll be able to find a bar or a frat or some less reputable means by which to watch the game. College kids are crafty like that.

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