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Yes, YouTube TV is kind of broken tonight

The YouTube TV live guide sorting options.
The YouTube TV live guide is just one feature that’s down for subscribers this evening. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

If you’ve fired up YouTube TV this evening and are trying to figure out why things are kind of broken all over the place, know that you’re not alone. The most popular streaming service in the U.S. is seeing some fairly significant issues tonight.

One of the more obvious glitches is apparent if you use a custom-sorted live guide. That’s one of our favorite features because it allows you to reorder channels as you see fit, and hide channels you never actually watch. (If only we could not pay for those channels, but that’s another argument for another time.)

But that’s not the only thing that’s gone wrong. The Library view also is pretty jacked up, and we’re seeing some folks mention issues with individual channels.

The issues also appear to not be limited to a single platform. We’re seeing them on Apple TV, Roku, and in a web browser. The Apple TV app is throwing full-blown error messages, while a brief “some networks and program info may be unavailable right now.”

None of that is good, given that YouTube TV has more than 8 million subscribers and is twice as popular as the next-biggest option, Hulu With Live TV. If there’s any silver lining to be had here, it’s that we’re not in the middle of a major sporting event. On the other hand, it is in the middle of the primetime hours.

And not to say we told you so, but it’s a reminder that having an over-the-air antenna on hand remains a good backup.

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