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YouTube TV just added a huge new add-on for $15 a month

Zee Family on YouTube TV.
Zee Family is now available on YouTube TV for $15 a month. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

YouTube TV is still limited to the U.S., but it just brought a big piece of the world to the streaming service. The Zee Family add-on brings a number of channels from a range of Indian dialects to the service. It costs $15 a month and has a free seven-day trial.

It’s not the first non-English package available on YouTube TV — there’s a separate Spanish plan that’s been around for some time. But while the Spanish plan (that’s it’s name, actually) doesn’t require you to buy anything else, Zee Family is an add-on, so you’ll need at least the base plan to get it.

But Zee Family isn’t just a single channel. It covers a number of Indian dialects, from Hindi and Punjabi to Telugu, Marathi, and more. And there’s one available in English, too. Here’s everything you get once you add Zee Family:

  • Zee Tamil
  • Zee TV USA
  • Zee Keralam
  • Zee World
  • Zee Talkies
  • Alpha ETC Punjabi
  • Zee Telugu
  • Zee Classic
  • Zee Channel: &TV
  • Zee Marathi
  • Zee Bangla
  • Zee Bollywood
  • Zee Cinemalu
  • Zee Kannada
  • Zee Anmol
  • Zee Punjabi
  • Zee Cinema

While YouTube TV doesn’t regularly release subscription numbers — it most recently said it had more than 8 million subscribers — you have to imagine that international options like this will only help increase the number of subscriptions even more.

In addition to the numerous YouTube TV tips and tricks that are out there, you’ll also find that it’s one of the only ways to watch any sort of live TV in 4K resolution.

YouTube TV is available on every major streaming platform in the U.S., from Roku and Amazon Fire TV (those are the two biggest), to Apple TV, Google TV, and various smart TV systems. It’s also available on phones and tablets, and you can watch in a web browser, too. YouTube TV (and YouTube proper) also is the only place to get NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2024 season.

YouTube TV’s base plan costs $73 a month. The Zee Family add-on is available now in your YouTube TV membership settings.

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