NP4001 Projector Boasts Blinding Brightness

NEC added to the growing pool of new projectors on Tuesday with a single-chip DLP unit specifically intended to function with widescreen laptops. The NP4001 boasts a native WXGA resolution and throws a powerful 4500 ANSI lumens, tailoring it to corporate, government and higher education facilities where total darkness isn’t always an option.

Besides the impressive brightness, the NP4001 can be adjusted to sit anywhere from 2.8 feet to 283 feet from the image it projects. Users can also tone down the lamp output in applications where it isn’t needed, to save electricity and extend lamp life. Eco-Mode will boost lamp life by up to 50 percent, according to NEC.

Color management and black levels are optimized on a frame-by-frame basis by Texas Instruments’ BrilliantColor and DynamicBlack video processors. Users can also change the color wheels inside the NP4001, choosing either four-segment wheels for full brightness, or six-segment wheels for superior color fidelity.

NEC’s NP4001 will begin shipping in October 2007 for $5,999.