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Best Prime Day Projector Deals 2022: What to expect in July

The Optoma UHD55 projector.
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If you’ve been waiting to get a projector this year or a new home theater setup, you’re in luck, as Amazon has just announced when the next Prime Day will be, and it’s soon. As such, we’ve rounded up some important information you’ll need to find the best Prime Day projector deals. so sit on your nice couch and pop out the popcorn because we’re diving straight in.

When do the Prime Day projector deals start?

While Amazon was a little tight-lipped about exactly when Prime Day 2022 would be when it announced it was coming in July a few months back, we’ve finally gotten a full confirmation on the Prime Day 2022 date, and it’s going to be Tuesday, July 12, and Wednesday, July 13, so it’s important to keep an eye on both days and not just the first day. Besides that, Amazon is starting some deals early, even as early as June 21, which is nearly a month ahead of Prime Day. These sales are mostly going to be on Amazon’s products, such as Fire TVs and the Echo Dots, although Amazon did say there may be sales on some other brands as well.

Either way, you’ll want to keep an eye on Prime Day and the weeks leading up to it, especially as other retailers try to grab some of the mindshare from Amazon. At the very least, the week preceding July 13 is probably when we’re going to start seeing a lot of sales. Still, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on Amazon until then, given it’s going to have some sales earlier.

Where are the best Prime Day projector deals?

Unsurprisingly, the best place to find the best projector deals is going to be on Amazon. Prime Day is usually the best sales event of the year when it comes to electronics, and by extension, that applies to projectors as well. Since there are generally a lot of great Prime Day deals, the expectation is that you’ll also find a relatively good stock of projector deals, especially things like short-throw projector deals, which tend to be less specialized and do not need an installation, giving them a wider appeal. That’s not to say you won’t find more specialized projector deals, but keep in mind what’s available and be aware that’s likely the type of deal you’ll see.

Besides that, there’s always Samsung’s site, which, granted, will only have discounts on its brand of projectors, but there’s still a lot of options to pick from. For example, the Samsung LSP9T Premiere Projector is featured in our best home theater projectors list for being a great smart home projector. So if you’re into Samsung’s SmartThings, this might be an excellent opportunity to grab another item to integrate into your smart home ecosystem.

You can also look at the two big brick-and-mortar stores that also tend to have big sales. For example, there are a lot of Best Buy TV deals, so it makes sense that they’re also planning to have some great deals on projectors, given they’re TV adjacent. Similarly, Walmart tends to have a lot of sales events as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it also tried to capture a bit of sales from Amazon going into the event. And if you have Walmart+, then you’re also getting access to exclusive premium sales and discounts.

Should you buy a projector on Prime Day 2022?

If you’d like a projector and think it’s worth the splurge, then Prime Day is one of the best times of the year for buying electronics. That said, you need to go into this with a budget and a feature set in mind, rather than going in blind and hoping to snap up a great deal. For example, think about things like resolution — are you looking for a 4K projector deal, or is 2K or even 1080p more than enough for you? Do you want something short-throw because you don’t have a lot of space, or do you maybe need something small and portable? Once you have a general idea and price range for what you want to get, you’ll be going into the shopping event more prepared so that you don’t blow way past your budget.

On the other hand, if you need one now, it’s often best to grab the deal in front of you rather than wait for a deal in the future that might not materialize. Prime Day is indeed soon, so it’s not necessarily a huge gamble, but we’d still say that if you have a deal you like and need the projector now, then definitely go ahead and buy it. Generally, we tend to think buying now can help avoid buyer’s remorse in the future if you’re waiting on a specific deal.

One thing that may make a difference in terms of waiting is that you’re likely to find some great deals on other parts of a home theater system. Since it’s such a big day for electronics, you’re likely to find TVs, soundbars, surround sound, and a variety of home theater equipment on sale. So if you’ve been saving up to splurge on a whole new home theater system, then you’re better off waiting for not only a good home theater projection deal but also h0me theater deals in general.

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