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This Epson Home Cinema Projector is $100 off for Black Friday

Epson Projector in Living Room
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The pandemic probably broke up your usual cinema-going habits. Now could be the time to resume them … but why not improve them instead? As part of Best Buy Black Friday deals, we’ve got a home cinema projector at a big discount for you. Make your home the cinema instead when you get the Epson Home Cinema 880 for just $500, a big $100 off of the typical $600 price. But be sure to order now while the deal lasts; you can get your popcorn later.

Why you should buy the Epson Home Cinema 880

There are a lot of Black Friday TV deals going on today, and a lot of them are for really smart TVs with all of the modern features. So, why might a projector compete? Freedom. When you get a portable projector, you aren’t getting a fragile machine that’s best set up and left alone. Instead, you’re getting a tough box that you can take with you, and this is especially so with the hard plastic — but still under 6 pounds — body of the Epson Home Cinema 880. Complicated setups and plugins are out, too, with USB plug-and-play functionality and simple-to-use HDMI connection.

Coming out of high school, you might remember teachers lumbering over semi-functional projectors that popped up blurry images on the wall. The mental image of the hassle and blur might make you, rightfully, skeptical of the power of the best projectors we see today. So, right off the bat, let’s be very clear that this is a 1080p projector with 3,300 lumens of power, far stronger than the 2,500 lumens recommended in our home theater projector buying guide. To put that in perspective, it is comfortably capable of making anywhere from 33.1 inches all the way up to 320 inches of “screen.” Reduce fiddling with keystone correction that helps “rectanglefy” images, even at an angle. Sit back and enjoy yourself with remote controls. Quit worrying about lugging around speakers. The Epson Home Cinema 880 has them built in! This is a projector for the new age.

If you’re finally ready to look good (or at least a crispy 1080p) during the obligatory holiday home video-watching session, strongly consider getting the Epson Home Cinema 880 while it is only $500. That’s $100 off the typical $600 price and one of the best projector deals you’ll get this year.

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Why you should buy the Sennheiser Momentum 4
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