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Optoma’s CinemaX P2 short throw 4K projector has a built-in soundbar

Watch out, Samsung. Another major company dropped a 4K ultra short-throw projector this week, too.

Optoma has unveiled the CinemaX P2, which is the successor to the CinemaX P1 and is being pegged as the company’s new flagship home cinema projector. The $3,300 4K projector can project up to 120 inches, and is immediately available.

Here’s what we know about Optoma’s new model.


Optoma CinemaX P2

Aside from the ultra short-throw lens at the heart of the projector itself, one of the more interesting aspects of the CinemaX P2’s design is an integrated Dolby Digital two-channel soundbar. Optoma managed to fit a pair of full-range speakers, two woofers with ported chambers, and 40 watts of power into the compact package of a projector.

As far as connections go, the Optoma has three different HDMI ports, though only one of which supports ARC. There are three different USB ports that all hold different functions (playing media, servicing the projector, providing power), as well as an optical port and an audio out. A Bluetooth remote that pairs with the projector.


When compared to other 4K projectors on the market, the CinemaX P2 appears relatively packed with features. And not just picture-focused features like the projector’s Enhanced Gaming Mode – the CinemaX P2 offers a variety of streaming perks, as well as integration into the rest of your smart home.

Optoma says the CinemaX P2 can be a productivity tool for distance learning, with features like the Tap Cast app and screen-mirroring functionality. Framed, a digital platform that showcases art, lets you use the projector to display different art in your home. The CinemaX P2 also has an integrated 4K media player and several streaming apps readily available through the Optoma Marketplace.

One of the most interesting features is compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, which allows you to execute commands for turning the projector on or off, adjusting the volume, or controlling your content exclusively with your voice.

Picture quality

Optoma says the CinemaX P2 will deliver 25 percent more contrast and vibrant color performance than its predecessor, the CinemaX P1, which is saying something considering the P1 was a well-received projector in the first place. The CinemaX P2 is also equipped with 3,000 lumens on brightness, HDR10 compatibility, and a wide color gamut paired with a six-segment color wheel.

Just like with Samsung’s The Premiere, it’s hard to say for sure what to expect from the picture quality of the P2 since we haven’t seen either product in action. Both projectors, however, seem to mark a pointed push at combining the convenience and usability of the modern 4K TV with the gargantuan screen sizes of projectors.  If these products can succeed in being approachable alternatives to TVs that still offer great picture quality in a far larger display, then we might have a few game changers on our hands.

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