Outlaw Model 990 Amp Unveiled

dell takes a slice at apple with super thin latitude z dellz closedThe Outlaw Audio Model 990 is a 7.1-channel A/V preamplifier/processor priced at $1,099. Among the highlights of this unit are balanced audio outputs, DVI switching, automatic speaker setup andcalibration with an included microphone, and upgradeable firmware and software.

The Outlaw Audio 990 includes a broad array of connectivity and integration features, making it not only powerful, but also easy to set up and operate. The unit features two DVI inputs and oneoutput, allowing for switching between two digital video source components. There are also three component video inputs with high bandwidth, 100 Mhz switching to prevent signal degradation.Additionally, there is complete transcoding between all composite, S-Video, and component video signals, including the onscreen display, simplifying video connections with a wide variety of sourcecomponents and video displays.

For setup and configuration of speaker systems, the Outlaw 990 is capable of automatically detecting speaker configuration, and setting proper level and time delay for each channel using the includedmicrophone. Integration of satellite and subwoofer channels is adjustable for any speaker arrangement thanks to a quadruple crossover bass management system, which allows for individual crossoversettings for the front L/R, center, surround, and rear surround speaker channels. There are even two subwoofer pre-out channels for convenience when employing two subwoofers. Additional features,such as lip-synch delay, subwoofer offset for stereo sources, and renamable video inputs are included for increased flexibility and convenience.

For audio processing, the Model 990 employs a 24-bit Cirrus Logic CS-49400 Crystal processor, and 192 kHz/24-bit Analog Devices digital-to-analog converters for each individual channel. The unitfeatures decoding and processing of every major surround sound format in existence today, including Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, DTS-96/24, DTS Neo:6, and even a fully adjustable version of DolbyProLogic IIx processing. A pair of Analog Devices Asynchronous Sample Rate converters are used to remaster PCM sources to 192 kHz/24-bit audio for improved reproduction of CDs, particularly in theupper frequency range. There are both Pure Analog and Pure Digital modes to prevent deterioration of sound due to unwanted conversion between the analog and digital domains.

The Model 990 is designed to be both firmware and software upgradeable, allowing for inclusion of future surround processing schemes and additional features. There are both USB and RS-232 ports onthe unit’s rear panel, allowing for a convenient and simple means of connecting a personal computer for future upgrades. The USB port can also be used as an audio source connection, allowing theprocessor to play PCM audio files streamed from a computer.

For integration with automation and control equipment, the Model 990 includes a pair of IR input jacks, one IR output, and an RS-232 port. There are also two 12-volt trigger outputs, one of which isuser assignable, for use with devices such as an amplifier or motorized display device.

Outlaw’s Model 990 also features a powerful set of features for use with a second audio/video zone. The rear panel features a Room 2 A/V output with composite and S-Video outputs, fixed/variableanalog audio outputs, and even a pair of digital audio outputs. It even includes a dedicated Room 2 IR remote, providing complete control of all second zone functions.

The Outlaw Model 990 features six audio only inputs, including a high quality phono input for those wishing to integrate a high-end turntable with their home entertainment system. There are also sixA/V inputs, including one on the front panel for easy connection of a portable music player or camcorder. There are five optical and two coaxial digital audio inputs to accommodate a wide variety ofsource components, each of which is fully assignable. Additionally, there is a 7.1-channel direct analog input, which can be used with digital bass management, or can be run in pure analog bypassmode to eliminate unwanted conversion between the digital and analog domains.

The Model 990 also includes a high performance AM/FM tuner with 30 station presets, and direct access tuning via the included backlit programmable remote control. It features an attractive and sturdyaluminum faceplate and black finish, and includes removable dustcovers for front-mounted calibration microphone and A/V input ports.

The Outlaw Audio Model 990 will be available in May exclusively through the company’s website at http://www.outlawaudio.com/, and will carry a specialintroductory price of just $1,099.

Source: Audio/Video Revolution

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