Panasonic 2013 earbuds and sports headphones line up

Panasonic is pulling out all the stops at CES this year, and in addition to new TV’s, home theater systems, and camcorders, they’ve just showcased a new line of earbuds as well. It seems that more and more manufacturers are embracing the idea that headphones can be a fashion statement, and with their veritable rainbow of HV41 earbud colors, it’s clear that Panasonic has caught on to the trend.  

Looking for some buds that are loud, but not necessarily in such loud colors? Panasonic has also released the HJE190 and BTGS10 buds which have more subdued and mellow hues, but are likely similar in sound quality. That, however, remains to be heard, so be sure to check back for our review and first impressions in the weeks to come.