Sonos owners can now stream their music library throughout their homes via Plex

Plex for Sonos

Plenty of home-theater enthusiasts rely on Plex to organize and stream their digital video collections, but the service is also a great way to manage and stream your music collection as well, and today it just got a little bit better.

Plex users can now browse and play their music collections to their Sonos multiroom audio systems, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday. This is thanks to a new Plex service that is currently available for Sonos users via the Sonos Labs platform.

If you’re new to Plex, it’s available as a free download and can run on a computer or a network attached storage device (NAS). The free version of the app will automatically organize your music collection via metadata, but Plex Pass subscribers get an extra bonus: audio fingerprinting — the same technology behind iTunes Match — will be used for even better automatic organization.

Plex for Sonos is currently available as a public beta, which you’ll need to join if you want to get started using the new Sonos service. Once you’ve joined, you’ll want to make sure that Remote Access is enabled on your Plex server, then add the Plex service using either the Sonos Controller mobile app or the Sonos Desktop Controller app on your computer.

Once the service is set up, you’ll be able to browse your collection by artist or album, shuffle your entire library, or browse through your playlists. A Discover view also lets you see your most recent additions, most played songs of the month, and more. Your Plex server and Sonos device or devices don’t even need to be in the same location for the new service to work, so if your service is at home and you’re listening at the office, it will work as if the service was in the same room.

As with all betas, there may be some issues at the start, but if you’ve been itching to use Plex on your Sonos system, you’ll probably find this to be a worthy trade off. For more information and to get started, see the Plex website.