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Spotify finally lets you save more than 10,000 items to your music library

Here’s some good news for all of the Spotify song and album hoarders out there: The 10,000-item limit the company has historically placed on its library feature is now a thing of the past.

Starting May 26, the streaming service began rolling out a change globally that will make its users’ libraries unlimited.

Until now, those who have hit the 10,000-item limit have been greeted with the dreaded message: “Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums.”

Seeing this message meant that it was time to begin the often painful process of deciding which of your existing 10,000 songs/albums should be purged in order to make room for new saves.

While the new limitless library means that songs and albums can be racked up to your heart’s content, playlists are — for now —  still saddled with a 10,000-song limit. So if you were in the habit of turning your whole library into a shared playlist, you’re going to have to get more creative.

The move to an unlimited library has been one of the company’s most requested features, according to the community blog post announcing the change, with over 12,500 votes since 2014.

It’s possible that Spotify decided to finally respond to its users by killing off the library limit, or, given that Spotify had previously said only 1% of its users ever hit the old limit, it may be the latest in a string of changes designed to lure new customers to the service as it escalates its war with other streaming giants like Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Earlier this month, Spotify made headlines for its acquisition of The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which will soon become available exclusively on Spotify — effectively killing its status as a podcast.

The new, unlimited library will be rolling out slowly so if you’re still stuck with the 10,000 item limit, be patient — your epic collection is about to become way more epic.

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