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The Polk Boom Bit is a Bluetooth speaker that can go literally anywhere you can

In general, Bluetooth speakers aim to be portable, but most of the time, we’re talking about something you carry around either by hand or in a backpack. The Polk Boom Bit, announced on Monday, takes things even further, shrinking down to the point that the speaker can be worn as easily as it can be carried around.

The Boom Bit is meant to be used much the same way that headphones or earbuds would be used while on the move. The small size means that while it won’t have the booming bass of larger speakers, it also won’t be as invasive to those around you, and it also means that you’ll be more engaged in your surroundings. For runners, cyclists, and other active people, this can be important.

Polk BOOM Bit: The First Truly Wearable Speaker

Polk Boom recognizes that enjoying your music while participating in your favorite outdoor activity, like biking or skateboarding is important, but also realized that being aware of ambient noise and your immediate surroundings is even more critical,” Polk Boom’s founder Ryan Minarik said in a statement. “The convenience of portable speakers has listeners blasting music further and louder than ever before. However, consumers still need to be safe while enjoying their favorite tunes. This is exactly why we designed BIT, to keep our adventurers safely engaged through all their senses, by balancing music with surrounding noises.”

The Bit weights just 8 ounces and is less than 3 inches long, allowing it to be easily worn nearly anywhere. In addition to music playback, the Bit also features speakerphone functionality, so users can take calls while in the middle of a walk, run, or even something more intense, like a mountain bike ride. A built-in USB plug allows the speaker to be directly plugged into a computer or charger, no cable necessary.

The Polk Boom Bit is available now for $30, and comes in Black, Sport Blue, Volt Yellow, Lava Red, and two-toned Gray/Mint color varieties. For more information about the Boom Bit, see the Polk Boom website.

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