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Previewing Klipsch Image S4, Image S4i, and Image S4A headphones

If you prefer in-ear headphones over the giant cans that are often hard to travel with, then you might already know about the Klipsch S4 headphones. They’re one of the most highly rated in-ear pieces for those looking to spend less than $100, and with the new 2012 models, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for an upgrade. At an unveiling event in New York last week, Klipsch gave us a preview of what to expect in the new S4 fall lineup.

The refreshed Image S4 (II) line comes in its classic black or white colors, complete with oval ear tips in four various sizes to best suit your needs. These are your ideal ear pieces if you switch between gadgets a lot, since they are compatible with any portable device. The headphones are available now at $80 a pair. From our experience sampling these pieces, we’re impressed with quality at a modest price level. The preview event as also held on the second level of a concert hall, so for music to be clearly heard through the headphones in such environment is much appreciated, to say the least.

Klipsch S4i blue headphonesIf you are looking for external microphone control to match your smartphone, opt for the S4i or S4A — the “i” representing iOS and “a” for Android, of course. The Klipsch Image S4i allows wearers to not only control the volume and play functions of your music, but also pick up calls and speak directly into its built-in microphone. Similarly, the S4A offers similar features, but comes with an accompanying app to let you customize what you want each button to control. These specialized headphones are also available today at $100.

For those who prefer a more colorful option to match an active lifestyle, additional colors are also optional for the Image S4i “rugged” headphones. Covered in an all-weather rubber, the headphones are well designed for runners or those working out in the gym. The buttons are extra large for those who aren’t looking to fumble when trying to control music so it might not please those who prefer something sleeker. Current color options include red, blue, orange, and yellow atop a black trim, and also cost $100 a pair.

All three styles are available online at Klipsch today. Not bad for a tiny little gadget.

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