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Roku named No. 1 Smart TV in 2021, expands to Sharp TVs

Roku has announced its second year of smart TV supremacy as the most sold built-in TV interface in the U.S., according to NPD’s Weekly Retail Tracking Service. With its first smart TVs released in 2008, Roku has been steadily growing in popularity with its stand-alone streaming devices as well as its built-in Roku OS on popular smart TVs from numerous partners worldwide. Major competitors Google TV (previously Android TV), Amazon Fire TV, and manufacturers’ own operating systems like LG’s webOS, and Samsung’s Tizen-based system continue to grow, but Roku’s ease of use and simplicity help it stand out to consumers.

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Roku Remote.

Roku also has announced a partnership with Sharp to bring Sharp Roku TV to the market in 2022. Sharp has been a key player in household technology for decades, and its new lineup will offer features similar to other Roku TVs such as a customizable home screen, thousands of streaming channels, live TV, and compatibility with various smart home voice ecosystems. More information will be revealed in the coming months.

As mentioned in the Roku press release, “Sharp, like Roku, is an award-winning, household known brand and we look forward to a productive partnership together in the U.S.,” says Mustafa Ozgen, Roku’s general manager and senior vice president of Account Acquisitions. “We both firmly believe that the power and ease of use of Roku TV, combined with the Sharp brand promise of ‘simply better living’ makes an appealing combination for customers looking for a great TV experience.”

In addition, Roku has signed a licensing agreement in Mexico to expand to 10 total brands, including Aiwa and HKPro. These devices will be on the market in early 2022 as well.

Roku continues to offer high quality and affordable options in the Smart TV market with a wide variety of brand partnerships and an ongoing new line of products for 2022.

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