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Westinghouse, Polk Audio join the Roku TV Ready program

Roku today announced that it’s adding a couple of new partners to its “TV Ready” certification program, which helps simplify connections between Roku devices and televisions and basically makes them play nicely together. Joining TV Ready in early 2022 are Polk Audio and Westinghouse, which join the likes of Element, JVC, Pheanoo, Philips, Hisense, TCL, and Sound United, for starters.

The TV Ready program “makes it easy for A/V and consumer electronics companies to enhance their audio products to support seamless setup, single remote operations, and easy access to home theater settings on screen when connected to a Roku TV,” Roku said in a press release. Being part of the program gives partners access to a software development kit as well as a faster path to certification.

In addition to its low-cost Roku streaming sticks and wireless speakers, Roku partners with other manufacturers to make televisions and soundbars that use the Roku operating system. The TV Ready program helps ensure that non-Roku devices work as well as they can with a Roku-branded device, and that you’ll be able to control everything from a single remote control.

As of November 3, Roku sported some 56.4 million active accounts worldwide, up some 23% from the third quarter of 2020.

“We have been thrilled to see the rapid adoption of Roku TV Ready among leading brands, both in the U.S. and now internationally,” Mark Ely, vice president of Product Strategy at Roku Inc., said in the press release. “Whether you are a soundbar manufacturer interested in providing your customers with a seamless home theater experience or would like to integrate Roku’s wireless audio technology, Roku makes it easy for manufacturers to utilize Roku technology to deliver great easy-to-use products that customers love.”

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