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Samsung starts to roll out the details on its 2022 soundbars

At Samsung’s Home Entertainment event on March 30, it focused heavily on the benefits of its 2022 TV lineup, placing most of the attention on its 8K Neo QLED models. The company’s soundbars barely registered during the session, but that doesn’t mean the company doesn’t have a full attay of new home theater speakers for 2022 — it just means we’re going to have to wait a little longer for all of the details.

Samsung says all of its 2022 soundbars will start shipping in April, but some models may not be available until late June. No pricing has been released for any of these products, but here’s what we know so far.

As in previous years, the Q Series is Samsung’s flagship soundbar family for 2022. At the top of the range, the HW-Q990B uses multiple wireless speakers to reproduce 11.1.4-channel surround sound with support for Dolby Atmos.  The Q990B also gets an update to its subwoofer that now uses an “acoustical lens” design, which the company claims will evenly disperse sound while outputting low-frequency performance.

Samsung 2022 HW-Q910B soundbar.
Samsung’s 2022 HW-Q910B soundbar. Samsung

The step-down HW-Q910B provides a 9.1.2 channel Dolby Atmos configuration. And the HW-Q800B  delivers 5.1.2 channels with the help of its side-firing speakers.

Samsung’s lifestyle-focused S Series range starts with the HW-S800B Ultra-Slim Soundbar — a 1.6-inch-deep soundbar that uses a minimalist, all-in-one design. It’s got Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X support, a built-in passive radiator, and a 6.5-inch cubic wireless subwoofer.  Unlike most of Samsung’s soundbars, which only come in one color (black), the HW-S800B is also available in white under a different model number: HW-S801B.

Both the 2022 Q Series and S Series lines feature wireless Dolby Atmos technology, using a Wi-Fi connection to compatible Samsung TVs, marking the first time that buyers have had a completely wire-free way of getting Atmos content from a TV to a soundbar.

Q Series

Samsung 2022 HW-Q990B soundbar.
Samsung’s 2022 HW-Q990B soundbar. Samsung

All prices and release dates still to be announced.

  • HW-Q990B
  • HW-Q910B
  • HW-Q800B
  • HW-Q700B
  • HW-Q600B
  • HW-Q60B

S Series

Samsung 2022 HW-S800B soundbar.
Samsung’s 2022 HW-S800B soundbar. Samsung

All prices and release dates still to be announced.

  • HW-S800B (Black) & HW-S801B (White) Ultra-Slim Soundbars
  • HW-S60B
  • HW-S50B

B Series

Samsung 2022 HW-B450 soundbar.
Samsung’s 2022 HW-B450 soundbar. Samsung

All prices and release dates still to be announced.

  • HW-B650
  • HW-B550
  • HW-B450

Sound Tower

All prices and release dates still to be announced.

  • ST90B
  • ST50B
  • ST40B

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