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Samsung’s new multi-room speaker pods offer 360 degrees of sound

samsung multi room speakers wam7500 wam6500 new wireless table top
Samsung’s burgeoning line of multi-room wireless speakers is about to expand — in all directions. Following last year’s premiere of the futuristic M7 and M5 fin-shaped speakers, Samsung today unveiled to new pods of sound to add to the fold, the WAM7500, and the WAM6500, both of which will make their debut next week at CES in Las Vegas.

The WAM series is designed around a growing new trend in wireless audio in which speakers emit audio in all directions to fill the room with sound from any focal point. The new speakers follow other spherical sonic companions like the similarly designed Kickstarter darling, the Archt One speaker.  Samsung’s new speakers achieve their wafting 360-degree radius of sound thanks to a proprietary driver design called “Ring Radiator” technology.

Looking remarkably close to something you’d find on the bridge of a starship in a sci-fi flick, both of Samsung’s new speakers offer an attractive way to get your audio fix without rearranging the room, and are sure to draw attention even in silence. The WAM7500 Table Top speaker is meant to be the centerpiece of your listening room, while the smaller WAM6500 is designed for portability, with a handle and a rechargeable battery on board so you can take the sound with you.

The Ring Radiator driver configuration is promised to provide balanced audio across the bass and treble in all directions. Samsung developed the speakers as the first offering to come out of the company’s shiny new “state-of-the-art” audio lab in Valencia, CA.

The speakers will connect to Samsung’s Multi-room app, a Sonos-like system that allows the user to play audio from multiple sources including smartphones, computers, and Internet services, as well as working in tandem with select Samsung TVs, Blu-ray players, and sound bars.

In addition to its new pods of sound, Samsung has announced a few new curved sound bars designed to match its line of curved LED TVs. Joining Samsung’s curved 7500 model are three new models, including the 6000, the 6500, and the 8500 for an array of sizes from 45 to 78-inches to match up with just about any curved TV in the Samsung fleet.

We’ll have an in-depth look at all of Samsung’s new audio gear from the CES showroom floor in Vegas next week, so stay tuned.

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