Evolving TVs: Samsung to launch its Smart TV Evolution Kit at CES 2013

samsung to launch smart tv evolution kitThough the idea was first introduced by Samsung at CES 12 months ago, full details of its Evolution Kit are set to be revealed at this year’s CES, which kicks off in Las Vegas in a matter of days.

The Evolution Kit, which slots into the back of your existing Samsung Smart TV, is designed to enable the TV you bought in 2012 to evolve into the company’s newer Smart TVs.

The device boosts an older TV’s CPU, memory and GPU resulting in enhanced performance and features (such as faster Internet, better multitasking functionality, and improved voice and gesture control) identical to those offered by Samsung’s latest Smart TV models.

“The Evolution Kit is the optimal solution for users as it allows them to always experience the latest service of Samsung Smart TVs with their existing 2012 Smart TV even though hardware or software specifications continue to improve in the future,” the Korean tech company said in a release announcing its appearance at next week’s CES.

Samsung’s Sunny Lee said the Evolution Kit opens “a new era” of Smart TV that fits in with rapidly changing IT trends. “Consumers can enjoy the latest features and services every year without having to purchase a brand new set,” he said. That sounds great for consumers but we’re not sure it’s going to help Samsung sell more TVs in the long term.

The Korean company has plenty lined up for tech fans at this year’s CES. On the TV front, it’s promising to take the wraps off a Smart TV “unlike anything the world has ever seen,” while a new-look Smart Hub is set to be unveiled as well. Its award-winning 85-inch 4K Ultra HD TV will also be on display at the Las Vegas tech extravaganza.

Digital Trends will be on hand to bring you all the latest from the show, so stay tuned.