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Play your old (or new) LPs with Seed, the 21st-century turntable on Kickstarter

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Retro is going modern.

After decades of moving away from records and the old-fashioned record player, history is repeating itself. But this isn’t your (great-great) grandmother’s phonograph — rather, the Seed promises to inject a heavy dose of modernity into a nostalgic piece of technology with its all-in-one multi-function turntable system. Promising top-notch sound quality, high output, and wireless streaming, the makers of Seed think this is the only setup you need to play your latest LPs.

“We believe that enjoying music should be relaxing, effortless and accessible for everyone,” the Seed team says on its Kickstarter page. “We want great output, and we want high-quality vinyl sound; we want warm analog, and also digital streaming; we want simple and sleek design, and all within accessible range.”

How does Seed do it? The turntable claims to differentiate itself by applying audiophile-grade components and a patented suspension design integrated into all-in-one system with high-fidelity analog sound driven by 70 watts of high-output amplification. The unique suspension system is meant to isolate the platter and tonearm from speaker vibrations, promising steady, clean sound even when the volume gets cranked. Moreover, Seed comes with a built-in amplifier, two 1-inch tweeters, and two 4-inch woofers, which come together to provide what Seed claims will by highly dynamic sound.

And, it is not just records you can play with Seed. Rather, the turntable is also capable of playing digital formats over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and internet streaming. That means that you could even connect your record player to say, Spotify, for a true blend of old and new.

Currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, the Seed starts at $379, with an estimated delivery date of August.

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