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You’ll wish you could hear ‘Dark Side’ through Sennheiser’s Pink Floyd-themed headphones

sennheiser pink floyd headphones edition momentum hd1 wireless2
Audio giant Sennheiser has announced a new special-edition version of its acclaimed Momentum HD 1 wireless headphones that is aimed squarely at the ears of Pink Floyd fans worldwide.

The new headphones are inspired by the Dark Side of the Moon album, and feature a purple gradient colorway on the exterior of the earcups, as well as the classic triangular Pink Floyd logo. The headband of the HD 1 headphones also features rainbow stitching.

Sennheiser’s spiffy new cans come as a celebration of the band’s new exhibition, Their Mortal Remains, which opened at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum on May 13. The exhibition features a massive 3D audio setup that was also crafted by Sennheiser and allows fans to experience a Pink Floyd concert as though they were actually there.

The company has a long-standing relationship with the iconic band, which has used Sennheiser-branded microphones on stage throughout its concert career.

“This project epitomizes our commitment to support the artists and engineers that record, stage, and perform music,” said Sennheiser co-CEO Andreas Sennheiser “And no less importantly, it represents the fans that enjoy the work of artists – whether in the shared experience of a concert hall or in the cherished private worlds we can experience with a set of headphones.”

“It is a true pleasure to mark this major cultural event with a dedicated new version of the Momentum that celebrates both design and an enduring love of music. This is also a wonderful way to continue our history as a company working with Pink Floyd,” added Sennheiser co-CEO Daniel Sennheiser.

Even without the addition of cool graphics, we are fans of the Momentum Wireless, especially their vast and dimensional soundstage, as well as their impressive battery life.

Anyone interested in picking up a pair of the new headphones can check out Sennheiser’s website, where they can be pre-ordered for $500. The company says the special-edition Momentum HD 1 headphones will ship toward the end of June.

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