This van’s home theater system puts yours to shame

sorry vans home theater likely puts shame ford transit edit

Let’s face it, transit vans are usually about as cool as the time you stumbled on two dozen geeks LARPing at the local park. However, when Ford decided to hire Galpin Auto Sports to convert its new Skyliner van into a “luxury home theater on wheels,” transit vans the world over went up a notch. The van features a bevy of luxurious amenities, including four starship-inspired captains chairs cloaked in leather, Crestron powered automation (controlled by mounted touch screens and iPad minis), a maxed out home theater system, and even a full bar.

Selecting the “theater” mode on the van’s control system gets the party started. The Crestron system lowers the shades, drops down a 53-inch Firehawk projector screen from Stewart Filmscreens (powered by an SDC6 3D 1080p Wolf Projector), and calls up the on board Kaleidescape service to pull full HD resolution movies from the cloud. The Skyliner’s 7.1 Marantz sound system hosts a massive collection of “over 25 … hand made focal speakers” to make your traveling theater come to life, and also serves up audio from iPads and iPhones via Airplay, or from music files uploaded to the Kaleidescape servers.

While you may never have a cruiser this sweet, there’s no reason you can’t drool a little over this bad boy. All that’s missing is the popcorn.

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