Record videos on the sly with this video camera that looks like a car remote

swann hd remotecam edit

If you’re a law enforcement officer, private investigator, suspicious spouse, or secret shopper, you’d probably have no problem coming up with a use for the HD RemoteCam. And even if you don’t have a seriously covert task you need to overcome, Swann’s little high-quality 720p camera — disguised as a car remote/keychain — has all kinds of hilarious potential applications for non-professional use (think YouTube antics).

The HD RemoteCam is equipped with a built-in microphone and fixed-focus lens for capturing full color, high-definition 1280x720p AVI video and 1600×1200-pixel still photos — that’s pretty impressive quality for a $70 camera in the first place, let alone one secretly housed in a tiny plastic shell such as the RemoteCam’s.

The device seems simple enough to use, according to its user manual: quickly pressing the record button one time will snap a single photo. One can initiate video mode by holding the same button until an LED light momentarily flashes to indicate the start of the recording. The recording will continue until the user presses the same button one more time.

Though the device comes with a slot for a MicroSD card (allowing up to 32GB of storage) it only comes with a 2GB card for about 20 minutes of video storage — you’ll have to shell out a bit more cash to upgrade the capacity. Also included is a USB cable for both charging and transferring video and photos to computers. Each charge allows the RemoteCam to record for up to 60 minutes.

If you’re looking to assemble an arsenal of affordable and discreet surveillance tools, Swann has a number of other recording devices disguised as everyday items.

Swann will release the HD RemoteCam to the public tomorrow, when it will be listed at roughly $70 on distributor sites such as Amazon and Tiger Direct.