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TiVo Mini DVR Extender is here toting some baggage in the form of fine print

TiVo Mini DVR Extender 650The folks at TiVo have been pumping the Mini DVR extender for long enough that we were beginning to wonder if folks were ever going to  get their hands on it. The good news is that the wait is over as TiVo has announced the Mini is now available for purchase, but before you rush out and buy one, there are a few details you should be aware of.

The $100 Mini is designed to work with TiVo’s Premiere 4-tuner DVRs to provide streaming live and recorded TV to a second television.  Should you own a standard Premiere with 2-tuners or a Premiere XL, you are out of luck. The TiVo Mini DVR extender only works with the 4-tuner Premiere 4 ($250 plus service) and the Premiere 4XL ($400 plus service).

The new Mini has a faster processor than the current-generation Premiere models; which makes us wonder if the next generation of DVRs might be just around the corner. From a business perspective, it is possible that TiVo left 2-tuner users out in the proverbial cold to…ahem…encourage them to upgrade to the more expensive models currently available or forthcoming. Regardless, the early word is that the Mini streams recorded content faster than any TiVo box so far, but suffers from some lag when channel surfing live TV.

The other issue with the Mini is that it doesn’t support WiFi,  nor does it include component or composite A/V cables (they are available, but as a separate purchase). As expected, HDMI support is supplied for that brand new HDTV you suffered in the cold for on Black Friday. The Mini must be connected via Ethernet or MoCA (no, not the Starbuck’s drink but Ethernet via a coaxial cable), and if your existing Premiere 4 or 4XL can’t reach your router, you’ll require a MoCA network adapter to make it all possible.

Another strange omission from the Mini is support for Netflix. Don’t go crazy trying to look for it in the menu because it doesn’t exist yet. Premiere 4 and 4XL users should also be aware that the Mini turns the 4-tuner DVRs into 3-tuner DVRs, limiting how much content you can record at the same time; which means that users who planned on adding three Mini DVR extenders might want to rethink that strategy unless they rarely record more than one show at a time. TiVo has hinted at dynamic tuner allocation in the past, but it doesn’t appear to be available yet. 

The TiVo Mini DVR extender should be available at your local Best Buy or online.

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Suddenlink subscribers get first look at TiVo’s Mini DVR extender
suddenlink tivo mini dvr extender logo

The original TiVo DVR box was one of the first products to scare the bejesus out of networks and advertisers, so in the modern world (where nearly every new product scares them), it makes sense that TiVo would throw its hat in the ring. News of the company's upcoming TiVo Mini has been buzzing for a while now, but recent news might make that hum all the more audible.
According to a report by Zatz Not Funny, cable provider Suddenlink is allowing customers to rent the DVR extender for $6 to $11 per month, depending on location. Those who choose to take advantage can beam live TV from a the TiVo Premiere Elite box (which acts as the hub), to a TV in another room. Users will also be able to browse and view recorded content. The TiVo Mini allows users to watch one show in one room, pause it, and continue to watch it in another room. This can come in handy if you're watching TV in your living room and decide you'd rather continue watching in bed. 
At present, watching live TV via the Mini will hog up one of the Premiere Elite’s four tuners; but word is that dynamic tuner allocation is in the offing.
Those intrigued by the TiVo Mini that aren't as taken with Suddenlink will have to wait until spring. That’s when this next thorn is set to inject itself in the networks’ collective side.
Check out the video below to see a realistic interpretation of groundhogs using the new TiVo Mini.

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TiVo Premier Elite DVR packs 2TB storage, four tuners

Day one of CEDIA 2011 kicks off today and TiVo is marking the occasion by announcing the latest addition to its DVR family, the TiVo Premier Elite. Interestingly, the new unit reads a lot like the Premier Q, a similarly equipped DVR we reported on earlier this year, which is slated to be provided only to cable partners. 
The Elite will come with a 2TB hard drive capable of storing up to 300 hours of HD recordings. It is TiVo's first retail DVR to offer four digital tuners, allowing the user to view one recorded program while recording up to four others. The Elite also earns THX certification.
In addition to DVR functionality, the Premier Elite offers access to several network content providers, including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant Video, Blockbuster and YouTube. TiVo reports that the Elite's on-board browser will allow users to search for programming across all of its resources simultaneously, providing one-screen access to any instance of a show's availability. For instance, searching for "House" will bring up links to both the network broadcast of the show as well as those episodes available on Hulu. No word from TiVo on whether the Elite will support on-demand video services from cable providers, though.
As for connectivity, TiVo has equipped the elite with one each HDMI, component and composite video outputs with both digital and analog audio outputs. Also on the back panel are an ethernet jack, two USB 2.0 ports, a cablecard slot and an eSATA port for optional additional storage. 
There are a few caveats, though. While the Elite supports digital cable, high-definition digital cable and Verizon's Fios service as sources, the DVR will not work with satellite boxes, terrestrial HD antennas, or analog cable sources. In fact, TiVo has had to file for a waiver with the FCC because of its decision not to include analog tuners -- a factor that could delay the unit's availability, which is currently slated for the end of this year. When it does come available, it will reportedly be sold through Magnolia stores, authorized home theater installers and at TiVo's website. Pricing has not yet been announced, but TiVo's current flagship, the Premiere XL, sells for $299.

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TiVo unveils Premier Q and Preview set-top boxes
TiVo Premiere Q

DVR pioneer TiVo has taken wthe wraps off two new set-top boxes at the 2011 NCTA Cable Show—the TiVo Premiere Q and the TiVo Preview. Both mark substantial departures for the company: the Premiere Q sports four tuners and can push video to up to three other other devices on a home network, while the TiVo Preview lacks any DVR capabilities at all: it's a set-top box designed to provide a TiVo experience purely for cable content, video-on-demand services, and broadband content—potentially for folks who already have a TiVo DVR. And here's another first for the company: at least for now, both devices will only be available from cable operators, with RCN and Suddenlink being the first providers lined up to offer the devices.

"With the introduction of the TiVo Premiere Q and TiVo Preview, TiVo is extending its advanced user experience and leading multi-room capabilities to provide cable operators a cost effective and highly differentiated solution for every type of household and every television in the house," said TiVo VP David Sandford, in a statement.

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