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V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless promise an immersive club experience

V-Moda has just announced the next generation of its Crossfade headphones series with the flagship Crossfade 3 Wireless. The latest entry continues the trend that began in 2015 with the high-fidelity audio company’s original cord-cutting Crossfade Wireless, with expanded high-definition codec support, extended battery life, and new audio refinements.

Focused on delivering the club music sound signature that V-Moda has become known for, Crossfade 3 Wireless promises the most immersive club experience ever with audio refinements designed to deliver improved punch and impact. Dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers are paired with a physical design that offers deep, well-defined bass without neglecting the midrange and highs.

Bronze V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless headphones on DJ console turntable.

More club energy and excitement

V-Moda’s newest cans will follow in the footsteps of their predecessors, the Crossfade II Wireless, retuning the bass response more precisely for a tighter and more punchy low end. Crossfade II Wireless took what was great about the sound signature of the original Crossfade Wireless and the popular Crossfade M-100 and tweaked it beautifully for an even more balanced and nuanced listening experience.

Woman DJ wearing V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless headphones

We’ll have more to say about that in our upcoming review. But if V-Moda continues this trend, we can expect even more clarity and resolution among the mids and highs to deliver what the company promises is a more realistic “in-the-club” listening experience. The good news for V-Moda fans is that these don’t appear to be at all like the studio-precision M-200, which had a considerably more restrained low end suited more to professional audio engineers than club music fans.

High-definition codecs and better battery life

Crossfade 3 Wireless also introduces Bluetooth 5.1 compatibility, plus support for Qualcomm’s high-definition aptX HD codec. Not only is that a nice upgrade over the standard aptX of the prior model, but it’s now part of the normal package. Crossfade II Wireless only supported the baseline Sub-Band Codec (SBC); users who wanted aptX (and Apple’s AAC) had to opt for the slightly pricier Codex Edition.

With both Qualcomm aptX HD and Apple AAC codecs, Crossfade 3 Wireless will provide the best wire-free listening experience out of the box regardless of whether you’re using an Android smartphone or an iPhone. As with prior Crossfade Wireless models, you can also opt for wired operation to get true lossless fidelity, thanks to a 5–40,000Hz frequency response and official Hi-Res Audio certification from the Japan Audio Society.

Man wearing V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless headphones in green club lighting.

All this comes with even better battery life. V-Moda promises Crossfade 3 Wireless can deliver up to 30 hours of listening time on a single charge. That’s more than double the 14 hours offered by Crossfade II Wireless. V-Moda has also switched to a more modern USB-C charging port, although it hasn’t shared anything about how long it takes to recharge the cans.

Evolutionary design

Fans of V-Moda’s prior headphones will find much to like in the design of the company’s new flagship model. Crossfade 3 Wireless retains as much of its physical design as its signature club sound, tweaking and refining both. The new cans are available in Matte Black, Gunmetal Black, and Bronze Black finishes, with a new sweatproof vegan leather headband for improved comfort, redesigned based on feedback from pro DJs.

Person carrying V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless headphones in case slung over shoulder.

Weighing in at 11 ounces, Crossfade 3 Wireless are light and portable while still durable and comfortable thanks to a strong and flexible metal headband and large memory foam cushions. V-Moda has also retained its patented CliqFold hinge so you can fold the headphones down into the included carrying case for taking them on the go.

Crossfade 3 Wireless also supports the customizable shield capabilities introduced with the M-200, letting you project your personality with unique artwork through V-Moda’s color printing and laser engraving service.

The V-Moda Crossfade 3 Wireless headphones are available now in the U.S. for $300 at and Adorama.

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