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Vizio’s super affordable E-series TVs hit the market starting at $180

vizio e series tvs released pricing pic
After failing to appear at CES 2015, Vizio’s new E-series 1080p TVs are finally ready for their close-up. The American TV maker today announced pricing for 11 new models in its affordable E-series, with prices starting as low as $180 for the 24-inch, and moving to $1,400 for the granddaddy 70-inch model.

The newest lineup cuts out 10 models from last year’s popular E-Series TVs, which hold down the low end of Vizio’s collection.

New to the lineup is the inclusion of Vizio’s latest smart TV platform — even for the smallest of the brood — while full array backlighting and local dimming will be offered on everything from the 32-inch model and up. The TVs will support up to 16 active zones, the number of which will likely rise with screen size, although Vizio hasn’t disclosed the number of zones for each.

More active dimming zones should equate to a more accurate picture, allowing for deeper contrast between light and dark images on screen, as well as limiting the “halo effect” around brighter images that is common on edge-lit displays that forego any local dimming support. Last year’s E-series models supported up to 18 zones, while Vizio’s new 4K M-series this year is expected to pack in up to 32 zones.

Other features for the new E-series includes a 120Hz native refresh rate, along with Vizio’s Clear Action 240 motion interpolation, available on “most models.” Both features are designed to enhance fast-action content, though they sometimes induce the odd “soap opera” effect in the process.

The upgraded smart platform, Internet Apps Plus, continues to offer Vizio’s robust app collection, with choices like Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and YouTube, as well as offering features like second-screen interactivity, which allows users to call up streaming apps from a smartphone and push the content onscreen.

The TVs will be available online from Vizio’s website, as well as through Amazon, Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale, Sams’ Club, Target, and Walmart. A full list of sizes and pricing is listed below:

Vizio E-Series model sizes MSRP Price
E-Series 24-inch Razor LED Smart TV $180
E-Series 28-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $200
E-Series 32-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $260
E-Series 40-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $350
E-Series 43-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $390
E-Series 48-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $480
E-Series 50-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $530
E-Series 55-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $630
E-Series 60-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $800
E-Series 65-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $1,000
E-Series 70-inch Full Array LED Smart TV $1,400

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