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Vizio’s updated SmartCast app is simpler to use, with better recommendations

vizio smartcast app updated ui
Launched earlier this year, Vizio’s SmartCast app is quite handy, tying together a number of apps like Hulu, Vudu, FandangoNow, Crackle, and Google Play Movies & TV with the ability to easily “cast” content to your TV. Today, it’s getting even better as it has been updated with a simpler user interface, new tutorials, and content catalog updates.

“One of the key Vizio SmartCast differentiators when compared to traditional smart TV platforms is our ability to continuously enhance the experience with quick improvements which any user can enjoy right from their own mobile device,” Vizio chief technology officer Matt McRae said in a statement. “The latest round of enhancements were designed to further simplify consumer interaction with the SmartCast app, giving users quicker access to controls, content and more.“

Part of the SmartCast app’s usefulness lies in its ability to turn an iOS or Android device into a touchscreen remote, and part of the update should make this feature even better, with larger buttons making them easier to tap. This also applies to navigating the app, so every feature should now be easier to use, especially for key functions.

More TV shows and movies can now be accessed from the home screen, with popular options displayed right up front. While it isn’t there yet, the home screen will soon get a new Featured section with content recommendations. For new users of the SmartCast app who don’t yet have personalized recommendations available, the Discover section shows fan favorites from both subscription-based apps and subscription-free apps like Pluto TV. Tapping any of these recommendations instantly begins streaming them to your SmartCast TV.

The Vizio SmartCast app works with SmartCast-enabled TVs, soundbars, and speakers from Vizio. For more information or to download the app, see the SmartCast section of the Vizio website.

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